Happy 420 kids…

we used to get oil packed into plastic drinking straws, sold by the inch! i did a roaring trade with two butter knives and a camping gaz stove on my belt at many outdoor gatherings… hot knives, anyone?

for a time we were getting afghani with gold kalashnikovs stamped on them, shiva’s fingers of charras bom!



Yeah, I remember smoking some of that with the guy whose arse it had been up.
We also used to get this hash called ‘diesel’ which was smuggled in lorry petrol tanks. NICE.


Any chance of a referral please m8?

It’s hard to find stuff that isn’t trip your twat off strong these days.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with smoking for donkeys years.

The downside is that it can make you into a boring tinfoil hat wearing gimp if you’re not careful.

The upside is it makes music sound even more amazingly immersive and also does the same with crisps.

I’d love to go and see Cymande in Amsterdam this year for that very reason.


You should be able to send them an introductory meesage on Insta and they will handle the rest


Used to live with a guy who was a charas smuggler. Chillum sessions were hardcore round at ours. When he arrived home from India several times each year there was a queue at the door. I was spoiled for the 18 months or so I lived with him, the quality was insane. Also an early smuggler of pure mdma back from Amsterdam. This was c2000 before it was popular. Funny thing was if you lined up 100 people and said ‘which one is the smuggler?’ this guy (long hair, total hippy) would be number one pick. But never had any problems at all.


Their account on insta is private so unable to send a message unless they accept my follow request. It says referrals only

Same issue here wouldn’t mind a referral too if someone is on the inside

Exactly the same with my mate. He looked exactly the type! :joy:

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No shortage here :green_heart: this is Ketama # very very good

Loads of sponsered Insta ads for dealers in the past couple of days. Saw a couple yesterday with huge bags of pills.

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Where do I sign? :grin:

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I think Professor David Nutt has dismissed the whole microdosing thing. Placebo at best I think he’s said?

Who knows? When I tried it for a while it did seem to have positive effects

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One of my mates spent an hour in my bathroom sorting the contents of his guts (approx half a pound) after flying back from India. Was weird smoking it tbh. Not sure how he kept it all in for that long. It was great gear tho.



Ha ha ha ha ha! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Amen to this…


I can’t keep up with all of these novel cannabinoids