Guitar solo of choice

Play the invisible frets

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Balearic Zappa:

Fripp doing his thing:

Young Tommy Bolin lighting up this underrated fusion track:


Prince - Just My Imagination… solo starts at 2:30

Eddie Hazel


Stills and young in one of their typical solo battles. Their egos = our reward

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Lovely and understated

Not an out and out solo, but the line as the song fades is gorgeous

Probably my fave Dan album overall


Similar story here but with Dickie Betts and Duane Allman.

BTW, I guess you’ve seen the documentary about CSNY on Amazon at the mo? I watched it in the week. Long but pretty interesting, although the constant to-ing and fro-ing gets a little tiresome.

I haven’t as I’m in Australia and don’t have Amazon. It’ll make it’s way onto one of the streaming services soon enough. I did download the recent David Crosby doco. It was really well done and he reflects upon alienating nearly every single person he ever played with or who loved him by being a gigantic arsehole. It was sad but honest.

Ah I see, as you say it’ll appear somewhere. I’ll find the link and edit it in here later.
That’s interesting about Crosby. In this doc it seems to be Stills who comes out pretty badly. There’s so much collateral damage with session musicians and band members it’s hard to keep up.

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Crosby was good on Twitter when i used to have an account on there, answering fans questions in his usual no BS way.

3 note guitar solo, as referenced in Orange Juice’s Rip It Up.
Ba Dum Da Dum

By far the coolest thing that happened at Woodstock:

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who doesn’t watch this and go ´holy shit’

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Very obvious, but I love Prince, so :fu:


Roy Buchanan, unsung telecaster master

Another Fripp classic