Going digital

Since my records went for a swim I’m trying to reconcile how to replace some of them, and digital seems the way to go.

I do have questions though:

Pioneer CDJs still the way to go?
How do you organize them before putting them on USBs? Rekordbox the way to do it?
Do you end up spending more? I caught myself thinking oh that’s just a couple of dollars, I’ll get that one and that one and that one and that one etc.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Loads and loads of options with DJ controllers but if you wanted to choose your own mixer then the Pioneers are the best bet, either CDJ or media players, Denon do some very good ones too. The Rane 12 II are also worth a look at.

If you think you might want to look at DJ controllers drop me a message I have tried a fair few of them. For example if you still want that vinyl…ish feel then the Rane 1 is a good bet. If not a bit over priced.

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Pioneer CDJs still the way to go?
Yes, although have heard good reports about the Denon SC6000M and you only need one as it can play up to 4 audio sources at once!

How do you organize them before putting them on USBs? Rekordbox the way to do it?

Rekordbox all the way. I’m far too lazy to tag every track but if you do this properly, it makes finding stuff a doddle.

Do you end up spending more?
Yes and no. Gone are the days of spending £20 on a US import double pack to get that elusive dub on side D2 but, as you say, it’s easy to fall into the “it’s only a quid” trap. Setting a monthly budget helps, as does putting stuff into your wishlist first and waiting until Bandcamp Friday, which makes you think twice about buying it during the quality control session :grinning:


I use Traktor so no Rekordbox for me so I just use my own simple filing system. One folder for new downloads with several sub folders such as techno, deep house etc and then when I have played them I move them into another folder with the same sub folders. I find it very easy. Like Howler said a budget is the best idea. £50 (ish) does me a month really and I do a weekly radio show but I play plenty of older stuff to as the beauty of the top end four channel controllers is you can use turntables with them.

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May also depend on if you are playing out. If so then stick to Pioneer as that’s what it will be in 99% of places

I use the Pioneer XDJ 700 players. I’m not ashamed to say they are the cheap option! They have no CD port and are just digital players. More plastic/smaller jog wheel versions of the ‘proper’ CDJs but good enough for my home set up and at c£700 each are way more affordable.

In terms of building up a digital collection it’s obvs very easy to share files. I reckon you could go a long way by us lot on here sending you stuff you want. You are more than welcome to look at my Bandcamp collection and let me know anything you want and I’ll send it to you.

Maybe we should have a Readers’ WAVs thread on here to share digital files anyway? I know much of Bandcamp is ‘only a quid’ but it does build up as it is VERY EASY (!!) to just click the purchase button. I’m very happy to share any digital files I own.

@elzorro - you might have to do the old swap shop in the dms as I think that labels might take a view on that heheh.

Ha. Fair point. Sorry!

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I have 1200’s and a nice Vestax mixer but hardly use them these days, stopped buying vinyl about 10 years ago.

I use Mac with Traktor, organise files in iTunes which then you can see in Traktor, makes for pretty streamlined workflow. Have two controllers (X1 and Z1 from Traktor) which are inexpensive really. Played a mates house party last night and took the lot in a laptop bag. You don’t need an audio interface although I do have a cheap Behringer one. It’s a vaguely ‘toy’ like solution but Traktor is pretty bombproof these days.

It’s ideal if your just making ‘tapes’ at home and the odd party, but if you are playing out with any regularity Pioneers are the way to go. Maybe one day but just can’t justify the £££.

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A mate bought the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 recently. A cheaper way of getting a Pioneer set up and can use laptop free if you choose. He says it is superb. I will report back when I have visited him.

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As someone who runs a hobbyist label / vanity project can I implore you not to do this? Bandcamp is often the thin line between breaking even and not nowadays.

Running a record label is a pretty financially untenable situation as it stands anyway, it’d be terrible were it to get worse.

Sermon over


A friend of mine said he was nearly 10k down from running his small label. He hasn’t regretted it one bit though as he has met some ace people due to it but just goes to show how hard it is to run one.

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We can have a running a small label tips and tricks thread : )


…and pitfalls

Don’t give up the day job. Maybe even get a second day job?


Wasn’t there a famous quote along the lines of how to.lose a million quid. Just set up a label.


I might set one up but not release anything. The most underground of all underground


Maybe get around it by having a Bandcamp musts thread for the obscure things people find going down rabbit holes. I’ll do it now, I’m not very patient.

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Sorry. Early morning post giddy with prospect of jumping on a flight to the sunshine and not thinking straight obviously.

Btw the amount of my hard earned ££ that I spend on actually buying digital/supporting artists and labels sometimes feels like I’m propping up the record industry single handed! I don’t get sent anything free and I don’t rip stuff off you tube. So my conscience is clear in that regard. But I hear what you are saying and will keep my files to myself.

Apologies if I’ve offended anyone.


Oh don’t be daft you’re fine. Piers just wants more money to buy expensive reggae cover versions.