Glastonbury 24

Anyone going?

I’ve been before and found it best not to make a plan as such, but interested to hear any big time recommendations…

See you down the front!

I’m going. First time since ‘99. Also keen to hear interesting recommendations.

Bill Brewster is playing a few times which is about all I know so far!

I’m going. Last year was ace. Can’t wait. I just followed my nose and had fun.

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I think that this is the way.

Elton John can do one.

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Sadly not going this year but NYC Downlow is amazing. Tip is to go in and buy a moustache early on the first night when the queues are less hectic and then you can use that for quick entry from then on (if you don’t lose it!). Otherwise it can be a chore getting in late at night over the weekend.

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Went in 97 and 98, two of the wettest years on record. It was basically a survival experience, both times. 98 was the infamous toilet tractor incident in the dance tent. Went again in 2007, another really wet year. Been determined to go back to experience a sunny dry year but never quite made it. Might have a concerted effort to go next year. Looks easier to get a gig than a ticket!


I was by the dance tent when that happened. It was so dumb… We had Underworld on that year and it was so grim with the rain… I couldn’t wait to get out…


Take plenty of cash. Lots of the card reading machines were down last year. Also when you’re going to the South East Corner head there across the top of the site , so through the stone circle field . If you go down the main path you can get stuck in a huge crowd.

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Solid tip.

Vodafone are doing the infrastructure this year and they’re fucking awful.

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There’s a festival on here this year, a cashless festival :roll_eyes: can’t wait to hear how that turns out…

Anyone got an angle to get a vehicle pass for the Blue Quiet East parking area? Asking for a friend….

Nothing says more about the forum demographic than the Glastonbury thread requesting a Quiet Parking ticket :slight_smile:


Ha. Long story. Genuinely asking for a friend. I’ll obvs be staying up for 5 days in a bass bin.


I need parking near a Tesla quick charge!


Had a pre Glastonbury planning chat with the crew…

worryingly the most excited we all got was over seeing Glenn Tilbrook on the acoustic stage.


Timmy Regisford in NYC Downlow will be great. Say She She worth checking out. Lizzo puts on a great show


Shame this slot clashes with Underground Resistance live (though never quite the same without Mike Banks in the line up anyway).

Mate of mine used to live a couple of miles from the site, so always got a few complimentary tickets.
One year (1994, I think), it started to rain so we went back to his, watched the coverage on Channel 4 for an hour or two, then returned to the site when it stopped.
Recently re-watched “Glastonbury-The Movie” on Netflix which was filmed in 1993, and it reminded me of just what a magical weekend those festivals were. Each one was full of the weird, wonderful, amazing, jaw dropping and sometimes shocking. Sure this is still there, you just might have to search harder for it now. Nothing at all against today’s event and the people that go, I’m sure it will be an amazing event to attend, but I’ve not been to one since 1998 and don’t really feel the need to revisit it.

Never been a huge festival fan but did go to a few back in the day - much preferred a 1 day in and out (eg Homelands) to slogging it out for 3 days but thats mainly because I hate camping.

One thing I have noticed is that the target audience has changed alot. Obviously ticket prices make it restrictive now but back in the 90s/early 00s the people that listened to mainstream/radio 1 pop type stuff wouldn’t usually be at the these things whereas now it seems that’s a large part of the attendees.
Looking at the line ups for Reading in the mid 90s it was definitely an “alternative” music festival rather than the the Radio 1 Breakfast Show Live Nation Beyonce Metaverse showcase style things you get now, which is a shame.

[i know Glastonbury has loads of acts/tents/something for everyone etc etc]

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@Apiento remind me when/where you’re playing

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