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Hey Paul,

Perhaps there could be an FAQ section, so luddites like me, who haven’t been on a forum since the early DJH/Faithfanzine days, can be reminded how to perform basic functions, like how to post a picture as a hyperlink etc.
Everytime I try and do it, it just brings up a load of text, rather than a picture. I know it’s me being stupid, but I just can’t remember how it’s done :smile:


Easy @howler

Tbh I know about as much as you on how to do stuff but good idea. I’ll put it on the to do list.

: )

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yep, me too, I can’t manage to post any type of link, nothing comes up at all, tried a couple of different ways but no joy unfortunately.

If you’re posting a YouTube video or another link take the url to whatever it is and then post it on a new line. I think the software does the rest. Let me know if it works. :ok_hand:

Foy Youtube links, you need to click on the Share option on Youtube, and copy the url from there, rather than just using the the top of the page.

See that doesn’t work for me. I use the url at the top in the browser. I’m on chrome. Wonder if they’re different. Anyway, whatever works. :smiley:

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Weird. I mean, it still links to Youtube if I copy the top URL, but it doesn’t populate the video.

Cheers, that worked.
Just need to work out how to do a mixcloud link now lol

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not like this, clearly… :rofl:

Yeah. There has to be some logic to it. :blush:

:see_no_evil: :joy:

No idea why but I have tried both direct link and the share link and my YouTube videos are still not showing. I am using Chrome.

There is an issue with Youtube linking at the minute.

ta mate.

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Yeah I’m trying to fix it. Or find someone. But the more I look into it it seems that YouTube cuts you off when you make too many demands. I need to be whitelisted somehow.

could someone drop the knowledge for embedding bandcamp links, please?

i’d love to do more to push traffic to the artists.

peace and thanks!

Hey mate. You just copy the url at the top of the page as far as I know. @martynpepperell do you know more?

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@Apiento @chavikus I just dropped a bandcamp link in a comment above and the embedded player has popped up at my end. Can you see it?

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I can, much obliged gents

@Apiento @martynpepperell

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