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Coventry v Luton for the honour of getting absolutely pumped at every ground up and down the country next year. Bet the big wigs breathed a massive sigh of relief when Millwall didn’t make it to the playoffs.

Millwall v everyone would’ve been carnage but the games against the Hammers I’m assuming would have come with quite the security bill.


That’s it for our season, and the SPFL. Championship here we come. One game left and 3 points stand between us and Ross County, but there’s the small caveat of a 7 goal difference in their favour, so that’s that. Last night was an abysmal performance. Interim manager came in and played 4 at the back and won 3 games, then inexplicably started going with 3 at the back and lost every game since. Loads of players on massive salaries so christ knows what we do from here. Some trouble ahead methinks…


Shite season.

What is wrong with these people?