Favourite ambient stuff?

Favourite ambient records ?

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KLF Chill Out always takes me elsewhere.


Isle of Jura reissued Ingleton Falls a couple of years ago. That’s pretty special after hours tackle too.


Basinski - Selva Oscura and Everything by Stars of the Lid

Only thing that is listenable when you are in the worst possible place imaginable.

Greetings from Tankesmedjan Borgen!

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Leon Vynehall’s ‘Midnight On Rainbow Rd’.


Mike Slott - Vignettes


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Recent purchase from Music from Memory - Virtual Dreams: Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997

Top quality…


Picked mine up today, great first listen!

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The first edition was quite the package with 11 hours of audio split between vinyl and CD. All of it beautiful.

Craig Tattersall:

Guitar, piano, dusted loops, analogue loops, digital loops, drum machine, analogue synth, synth bass, field recordings, abstractions, fragment constructions and reconstructions, abstractions of Seaman (etc.), analogue spatial recordings, artificial wind, crackles (record surface noise), Logic

Bill Seaman:

Piano, vocal, text, fragment constructions and reconstructions, time abstractions, quartet samples, trumpet samples, clarinet samples, drum machine abstractions, drum machine constructions (samples), digital distortions, bit reductions, synth abstractions, abstractions of Tattersall (etc.), digital loops, radical pitch shifts, noise enhancements, historical samples, crackles – record surface noise (from Tattersall), artificial crackles (Ableton Live), artificial rain
trumpet (sample recordings) – Robert Ellis-Geiger
Ciompi Quartet (sample recordings) – Eric Pritchard (violin), Hsiao-mei Ku (violin), Jonathan Bagg (violin and viola), Fred Raimi (cello)
clarinet drones (sample recordings) — David Beaudry
Ableton Live (construction space), Roland Edirol R-09HR Ver.3.0 instrument and voice recordings

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moss garden - in the silence of the subconscious
the chi factory - travel in peace
another fine day - life before land
ishq - and awake
richard norris - abstractions series
laraaji - bring on the sun

just a couple of favourites…too many to mention lol

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Chi factory, really great

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A Reminiscent Drive - Mercy Street


Raymond Richards - The Lost Art of Wandering LP on ESP Institute - blew me away last year!


Eno Moebius Roedelius Plank - Begegungen


Ambient 1 by STRFKR made a good impression late last year.
Sounds great listening to it in a hot bath, just loud enough through a small speaker to blend in with sounds from around the house.

Great for death


Not sure whether they’d be classed as true ambient but the Warp ‘AI’ albums from around 92/93 by Speedy J (Ginger), B12 (Electro-Soma) and Black Dog (Bytes) were ground breaking for me. And still listen to them now.


Just picked up the latest Richard Norris. Lovely stuff.


All time fave would have to be Music for Airports.

Rasavet records from Moscow are another level : Rassvet Records w/ Burago 20th January 2020 | Listen on NTS