E’s - Why can’t they make them like the old days?

Genuine question. We can put man on the moon and an ear on a mouse why can’t they make e’s the way they used to? :woozy_face:


I asked the same question a few years ago to “someone in the know”. Something to do with a particular chemical or precursor being made very difficult to obtain by those outside the legitimate industry. I was told actual names of chemicals but can’t remember.
Might be a load of BS but that’s what I was told.


Sassafras oil I believe


They’re much stronger and purer than they used to be. Some are hitting 300mg. No wonder kids are getting into trouble. The strength of the average 90’s pill was between 80-120mg I believe.

I know Safrole as a pre-cursor is no longer used, not sure what is used these days but to me they don’t ‘feel’ the same as they did in the 80’/90’s. Is that down to the ‘organic’ nature of Safrole compared with synthetic pre-cursors, or is it set and setting? They lack for want of a better term the empathetic feeling IME.

However I’m not the same person, I don’t have the same expectations as I did at 18/19 years old, society has totally changed, and IMO the way we party has changed (one thing nobody really mentions is BITD often you’d have an entire party with people on the same drug, often the same batch. Nowadays you’re far more likely to have multiple people on a variety of highs via poly drug use).

Long story short, it’s a very complex question. I’d love to know what Shulgin’s view on today’s pills would be!

EDIT: the last time I did it was 2017. Me and my GF split one and had it in two quarters. Should have stuck to the quarter and given it more time. It was one of the most intense experiences of my life, absolutely fucking blew my socks off. I was high all week, only came down properly on the Thursday evening following the Saturday. Wasn’t enjoyable at all. Have swerved ever since. :grimacing:


I indulged at Pikes last month for the first time in well over 3 years, Orange Soundclouds. Absolutely brilliant :smiley:


It’s not the pills, it’s you.

The connections in your brain get worn out as you get older and have continued to take pills, If you had your first ever pill right now it’d be the same effect as a 1990 Dove.


I’m 3 months off the booze n chisel and sticking to the little fellas from now on. Lots of fun, still.


I have to admit, he makes taking DMT sound absolutely brilliant.


I should say though we’d already had an absolute skinful of booze each before dropping, and continued drinking well into it, until it was obvious I was totally wrecked. I think it might have been a better experience without so much alcohol :grimacing::pensive:

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Yes. Read so much about it over last 20 years or so…

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We were kind of ‘religious’ about it back then, no lunch, water only etc. Sure that had an effect, as did a roomful of like minded souls.


Definitely. Used to limit it to one beer to neck it with and relax, then water from then onward

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The soundclouds there this year were very good people have been saying. I did hear a few years ago they were made especially for Ibiza by criminal outfit who have hands in many pies on the island… You don’t really find them anywhere else…


For a moment i thought you were asking about Es the skate shoe company :laughing:
I read something about this recently- it’s your brain getting tolerant to the chemicals


A mate got the E’s Muska re-release shoe… Its massive


The pre cursor chemicals have a huge impact on the end experience IMO. I feel that for a long time the experience has quite a dirty bad stimulant background physical reaction. When the older pills were really quite a clear and clean feeling. That weird stiff neck almost dirty acid feeling is what puts me off these days, even with the powder MDMA that gets around. I noticed it started to feel different around the big cracking down of illegal chemical trafficking, forcing synthesisers to use a different route to the final structure.


Stopped taking pills a few years ago, far too inconsistent.

Instead we do this MDMA crystal we can get which is 84% (or 86% can’t remember) pure - the highest it can be.

You only need a few crumbs and you’re 100% having a good night. Unless youre my mate who smashed a full bag in one go at a day ‘rave’ a few months ago. He spent the first hour being sick and the next 5 hours sat in a corner talking to himself and chewing his own face off.

Ordered via an app from a local lad (who’s the most honest, reliable dealer I’ve ever known) and its delivered anonymously the next day.


Pretty rare for me these days. When I do, I do miss the old school rush, friendliness and trippiness. The safrole crackdown changed the game whereby they became functional energy boosts rather than mind blowers. Or as stated maybe it’s our inner chemistry.?

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