Describe your occupation abstractly

capitalism sucks, but we all have to pay the bills. most of us work for wages, so let’s see what folks on the forum do. i’ll start, and provide a few examples.

  • i used to play records at an alarming volume for people who were hoping to have more fun than they were having before they walked in the room.

  • i also used to sell vinyl records to people who were hoping to enjoy (or at least collect) specific pieces of other people’s art. (i still do this, on occasion)

  • for a few years, i gave advice on how to operate and maintain a specific professional audio manufacturer’s product lines, for those who were trying to optimize those products for a paying audience.

  • now, i facilitate digital musical delivery packages for a multi-national distributor to another multi-national retailer so customers can stream music on their electronic devices.

how about you? what kind of stuff do you do?


I almost started a similar topic, I’m in a really weird situation with my job, it doesn’t make me happy and its like 6+ I want to quit, but same, we got to pay the bills…

  • Moved to London after studying electric stuff

  • For a year I cleaned stuff and I was happy, and went to loads of parties, poor but happy

  • Then I started pouring mixed substances in vessel for the rich, famous, royals and spongers, for a stupid amount of bucks, in exchange to get some extra cash at the end of the month, but in exchange of an insane amount of hours

  • I tried to fulfil my dream to get into the music industry so I went back to study sounds and twirling knobs while working an insane amount of hours for the rich, famous, royals and spongers

  • Didn’t get any job in the music industry so I kept on working for the usual gals

  • Covid Break

  • I end up in Saudi Arabia, I make sure Rich people stomach gets full while other Rich people pockets get full. I’m seeing some weird s*it here

I’m tempted to leave all this shabanga, move to Barcelona or Ibiza with my best friend and live on DJing ,work in a cheap local bar and sunsets


I spend my days deep in the Powerpoint mines, finding things that people need to hear, and sometimes want to hear


I bring light into peoples lives.


I make sure artisan crap doesn’t get mixed up with the popping candy in a family run warehouse.


I mostly work remotely

I manage people who manage people who train people to do their jobs better

I often have to pretend I understand the principles of project management

Working with local politicians means that I have no illusions about this Country being in any way a meritocracy


So much I could say about my work but walls have ears etc. My advice to any 17 year olds lurking on the forum. Don’t go into media/pr. Make yourself useful to the world instead.


After spending a long time chopping and shaping wood into things for people to use I now assemble what are effectively big meccano kits that make very loud noises for people to dance and hopefully fall in love to.


I travel the world making sure people do what I tell them to do with the tools I create to varying degrees of success.


I chat with ancient humans and do everything that I can to make their last days as good as all the ones that came before.


I (attempt to) aestheticise the minds of the young with the freedoms of creativity and self expression that have been sorely lacking in their pedagogical experience to date.


I advise institutional investors and multinational companies how to mitigate their liability on the huge portfolios of empty buildings they now have.


oof. good luck with that.


I colour in, careful not to go outside of the lines.


I sell electronic components to engineers building the hardware architecture of the Metaverse.

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i am the walrus


I work in Telecoms, which means I am forever at the mercy and wrong end of BT’s utterly archaic and never ending preposterous systems and policies


I work in engineering without doing any engineering. Almost certainly a bullshit job


I help companies hire great people to fix big problems for them.

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Shit shifting then making it all nice again.

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