Daytime Clubbing- The Future Of The Industry?

Article in the Observer today about the increasing popularity of day time/early evening clubbing. Looks to me like it’s aimed at folk like me (over 50’s) who like the idea of going out dancing, but dread the thought of being out past the witching hour. Given how there are multiply stories about Gen Z’s just not going out in the same numbers, is this an economic necessity for the late night industry? Will it attract the “older” crowd who have more disposable income and possibly, with kids now being older or away studying, more time on their hands.? See that Greg Wilson played an early 6-10pm night at Ministry Of Sound on Saturday, which was well received. Would love to know what sort of crowd it attracted.


I like the idea, but here in Brazil people are (or pre pandemic, were) so hard wired to go out at night that every time I tried it it didn’t work out, and we have amazing weather all year long. It should work, but so far it hasn’t played out that way, even with the “older” crowds…


Leo and Dribbler are launching a new daytime thing at MOT next month. Personally, I’m all for daytime partying.


There’s a few different examples here. Intrigued to see what an 8am-6pm vibe is like. Sounds to me like it’s people carrying on from the night before if it starts at 8am which is less appealing to me and I’d guess isn’t aimed at an ‘older crowd’ vibe.
Seen a few 50th party events over the last 12months or so which have been like 2pm - midnight and those worked well. Especially when starting outside and weather was good. Even if people get refreshed during the session, a midnight finish changes things massively. You can get some sleep at a normal time and not feel too bad next day and if you’re sober it’s more appealing to hang with friends in the afternoon and slip off before the silliness gets too much. Again, all within reasonable hours.

For this ‘older crowd’ I think it’s definitely a big thing that it’s not a 6am finish. That early morning crawl home vibe with whole next day ruined can be/is off putting. And people still want to hear nice music and have a dance and chat nonsense to mates.

If it’s a nice day then I think a pub with a garden which lets you set up some sound would be a great thing and ending at 11ish no problem if you’ve been there since lunchtime. Did Leo not do something in Hampstead last summer? Maybe that’s where AFB idea came from? And of course there was Campfire too but maybe that was food + music more than daytime clubbing?

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I think that Berlin’s extended opening hours also changed people’s appetite for clubbing outside of the UK’s normal clubbing times. Plus lockdown was a big shift IMO.

Isn’t this trend (in UK at least, perhaps elsewhere too) as much a reflection of pressure on councils from middle class residents moving in to get nightlife shut down and that daytime is seen as a compromise option - more than any cultural changes? My guess is the cops prefer it too. I think instinctively most would still prefer to go out at night but you rarely get a choice now



A fine manifesto. See you down the front at 8am sharp then?

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It’s always been a thing in Cape Town. In the 90’s the set you wanted was 10am to 2pm on a Sunday at Bar-Do-Me or Angels. It was a lot of people carrying on but they ran out of steam at 10/11 and then it was the people who came specifically for a Sunday dance. Used to go off. Having an abundance of sun, terraces and rooftops didn’t hurt at all.


Already in full swing in Manc, done a couple myself 4 to midnight.

Found ourselves searching afterwards searching for somewhere else to go - the hardcore bastards we are :rofl:

Vicky McLure & her husband are going big on it around the country but I doubt it would be what most of us are looking for.

I don’t know that I really believe the “Gen Z going out less” rhetoric. I’d like to know the sample sizes and how that data has actually been gathered and curated, because from what I know, that generation started partying faster and harder than mine did, simply due to prevalence and availability of things.

I think this will depend on where you are in the world but in North America, I’m not sure any of it really rings true. No one here, under the age of 40, is going to value mid-day and early evening clubbing over night and late night. That’s just my opinion based on what nightlife has been like in the places I’ve lived. It’s really the same as it’s ever been.

In the long-term, post-gen z and during the coming of age of gen alpha, I could see this maybe starting to happen. But we’re a long ways off from it. Even then, everything ebbs and flows. For every downturn, an inevitable upswing.

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Like the sound of this. Obviously aimed at after patyers not so much the elder crowd not wanting to stay out too late. I need to get down to one of these.

Been really thinking about alot about this recently after seeing the flyers for NSA day culture in Edinburgh. They have dresden doing the next one. Alfos was previous and think maybe optimo too? 4pm til 10pm. Sounds great to me. Out for a dance all day, and get last bus to afters for 11pm :joy::oncoming_bus:

There are day parties here in Belfast during the ‘summer’ but all outdoors, not in a usual club setting

Really hoping someone tries it here, I think there’d be a big interest.

Not sure 6pm dancefloor epihanys will become a thing though :joy:

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Ha yes. What’s the flow of a night when it’s actually an afternoon? 7pm the new peak time. Heads down deepness at 9pm. Lost in the vortex at 10pm.


I was thinking about this with Leo’s acid for breakfast thing. The carry on crew will want bangers at 8am. Not sure what the arc for the day is?

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Yeah the blurb for it sounds like it’s creating a space for that drug free, serious dancer, Shelter vibe. But ‘Acid for Breakfast’ sounds like it’s the smash up crew. Tempted to pitch up sober at noon and see what’s happening.

Mind you they might spot I’m a half-stepper on the dancing front and turn me away!

At the very least it’s a bold and interesting move to put on something like this so respect to Leo and Dribbler. Intrigued.


When I lived in Brasil a couple of decades ago no one was really interested in even leaving their home any time before midnight. I imagine it would be a hard sell.

I know daytime “dance churches” have been popping up around the world for a couple of decades in various iterations. Some sober, some not, some good music, some bad, some ecstatic, some nude, mostly new age. Trailblazers.

I personally love clubbing in the morning almost as much as at sunset, I wish it was more commonplace. Plus, nursing a comedown or hangover at night can be more pleasant than in the light of the day. Although I’m probably more inclined to go sober and stay rooted on the dancefloor in the day. Hope it grows in popularity.

I’d love to get to this and see what the deal is (especially as I’m only in Bromley). Helping my daughter move flat that day so would be a struggle to get there but likewise, also wondered if I’d be taken seriously as a ‘dancer’ anyway! Do you know if it is Leo and Dribbler’s event? Be interested in talking to them for my research.


Yes Leo Z and Dribbler are running it.


I’m away that weekend or else would be up for that. Please report back if you make it!

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