Copenhagen tips

Off tomorrow for 5 days. Will have a small person with us so maybe no time for record shops this time but any parks, eats, bars and general places / areas to hang out all welcome.

Thanks in advance

Loved everything about Copenhagen when we went a few years ago. The meatpacking area has some very cool restaurants/bars and as fans of The Bridge we had to go over to Malmo for the afternoon. I imagine Tivoli gardens would be good if you’ve got kids with you.

Also as well as an obligatory visit to the Norse Projects shop the main department store in centre of town had some great value basic clothes in the Scandi style. If you can squeeze in some clothes shopping, that is!

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Thanks mate

Yes fancied a hop over to Malmo so will definitely look at that

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One of my best mates lives there so let me know if you need anything specific and if so where you are staying…


Meatpacking district is definitely the one yea. Loads of good, cheap and more upscale restaurants all over town though. Vækst is a lovely space with great vegetarian food. I also remember having several above average kebabs, plenty of spots around for that.

Bird is a nice little listening / cocktail bar thing, and Josephine another bit more relaxed one. Both equipped with proper sound systems, as is H15, another bar/restaurant space worth checking out. If you somehow manage to pay Martin at Can Records a visit it’s always worthwhile. One of my favourite stores and Martin’s always a good chat.

The Louisiana museum is a nice, small person friendly day-trip.

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South West folk… randomly you can fly from Newquay now.



Fiskebar (seafood)
Hija de Sanchez (tacos)
Warpigs (bbq -amazing!)

Near Nyavn:

Popl Burger
Hart Bakery

Also their hotdog stands are amazing. Best we had was Hanegal next to the Round Tower

Loads of great museums and galleries and Tivoli is bang in the centre.

This is worth a look

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Forgot about the hotdogs!

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If you do have time for a vinyl buying stop then this place has a few nuggets

The design museum is a great way to spend a few hours. Hiring bikes (very safe) a canal boat tour all great.

We also bought hop-on-hop-off double decker tour bus tickets which were valid for 3 days and used them as a regular bus route of sorts

Food hall at Torvehallerne at Israel Plads is great too

I’ve just come back on Monday and thought about starting a thread for it, so this is spooky ahha.

All the parks are great. I don’t think there is a bad one. The botanical gardens are amazing, like 6 eur in and you can walk around a humid greenhouse and a butterfly room. ~truly magical~. fælledparken is a bit dry and boring so i recommend the one near rosenborg slot as that’s a bit more interesting.

Meat packing like everyone said is great. Lots of the bars are great and generally I never feel like someones trying to rip me off or gouge me when I go, it is expensive but it’s honest about it haha. Freetown is great too, very chill vibes and very safe just have your wits about you obvs.

Reffen is a decent food hall like spitalfields, pretty nice to walk round and take in. good food there too. Noma, a michelin star resturaunt there is banging. others: 42raw, mikkeller, ark, cafe oha, andersen and maillard (best bakery in the world for sweet treats), ramen to biiru is amazing but i didn’t get to go this time. there are great little thai places dotted about.

Louisiana modern art gallery is great and a little train ride north, really worth it for the views and the art. you can spend half a day or so there easy.

You can also get the train to Malmo but I don’t recommend because there’s honestly fuck all in Malmo. Unless like me you need a Lost Mary in which case you’ll have to go to Malmo because they’re illegal in Denmark.

There’s so much good stuff to see and do and if you want a club den anden siden is the one.


Thanks everyone. Some great suggestions. We’re staying in Nørrebro, very cool and relaxed area. Everyone is suprer friendly. I’m finding Copenhagen is a bit like the best bits of Amsterdam and Berlin :v:t2:


Anyone else have to Google Lost Mary?


Ha. Yes. A bit less exotic than I imagined!


they’re great for when you’re quitting smoking but they’re impossible to quit themselves

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I just found a lost mary…


Cheers for the tips everyone. Loved it, will definitely go back. Such a great way of life they seem to have there. We have got it all wrong over here.


I watch the CHP skate comp they have ever year, so refreshing to other comps