Cool Insta, bro

ouches for days
for me it’s always the split second where they realise they’ve fucked up and there’s nothing they can do about it :face_with_head_bandage:

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Yeah some bad slams and some really funny ones. There one two kids on a bike goes into a pothole and the bike just folds…

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The original Wild Bunch!


I’m sure some of you on here already follow this lad on Insta, but if you’re a dog lover and you don’t already follow him you should do. What an amazing human being :heart:

Davinia Taylor.

Not only is she beautiful, sassy, passionate about health products shes very fucking funny too.

Love her energy.

We grew up in the same village. Pre Hollyoaks when her surname was Murphy and she had frogspawn in her pool.

Can’t keep good Wiganer down :sunglasses:

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What village was that ?

Roby Mill. You local or bringing genuine interest or stalker vibes ?

Haha, I’m local. It was the “can’t keep a good Wiganer down” comment. I live on the outskirts of Aspull near Haigh Hall

I used to work in Alans records.

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A Wigan institution that place. I used to buy my BMX gear from Alan in the 80s when he was based in Hindley. And bought plenty records from him to when he had the record shop. Back to selling bikes now ain’t he ?

She’s ace mate and genuinely doesn’t give a shit!

Talking of which, didn’t her dad get his wealth thru toilet rolls :rofl:

Yep he did, had a factory making toilet rolls …made him a multi millionaire. He bought Davinia the original lyrics to hey jude for her 21st birthday for 100k

And yeh, she seems like a proper sound girl

On the subject of Wigan, my lad was truly astounded at the weekend when he discovered you lot regularly eat pies on buttered muffins.

And yes, before anyone starts it’s a muffin and not a barm.

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Fancy making a sweeping statement then :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

It’s not only me:

Pasty barms are better though :man_cook:t2:.

There used to be an old joke told round town:

Bloke bumps into an old mate. Tells him there’s a new place opened up where you can get a woman and a pie for a tenner.
Wow, sounds like a great deal.
Aye, but whos pies are they ?

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Yep, pie barms (Wigan kebab) are popular round these parts. Like @Aubrey, I also prefer a pasty on a barm though (which apparently Bolton has claimed as their local delicacy)

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Great name for a shop
It was pretty much the rule that if you opened a shop in 70s / 80s after being a mobile dj you named it after yourself - Andy Cash in Brum / Big Al’s Beeston etc

Any ‘Derek’s Vinyls’ out there ?