Cool Insta, bro

Post up your best follow worthy Instagrams here.

neptunianglitterball (AI Art)

retreros (Photography)

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Dougie Wallace, OBVIOUSLY


The Subversive Stitcher: Brilliant artist who I came across in an exhibition I was part of, she adds very funny and rude text to vintage Tea Towels.

Projection Orange: tres cool vintage French sounds

The Folk Archive: The weirdness of British customs.


A few that stand out:

Sam Youkilis - lovely photography capturing the beauty in the quotidian

Hernan Wakefield - sublimely cynical memes that anyone dealing with gentrification/commodification can relate to

Chris Kontos - probably not a stranger to TP folks love his eye

Alternate Pools

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One more,
Visual Melt: Archive of Esoteric & Contemporary Culture.

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Dennis Morris

My favourite art prankster rn

Gasoline Rainbows

The family Acid


Some cool Insta’s here!

I like people who build shit.

Or who are weirdly uplifting

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Oh, Rottingdean Bazaar obviously


Black Archives

More photo bits

The Public Domain Review: Celebrating curious and compelling out-of-copyright works. History of art, literature and ideas.


Derek Ridgers

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A fave. He’s been places.

Tee Ken Ng.

Very cool glow in the dark painting on vinyl , bro.

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Im sure most people know but as I cant see it then Tony Davis shots are ace
There may be someone who looks a bit like me in one of the Venus ones

& Caffs not Cafes



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