Coffee Table Books

I just got my grubby little mitts on two books:

London Record Shops and Jazz Kissa 2014 volume 1 and they all sort of go with my absolute favourite my book on Berlin clubs and spaces that is just pictures of empty rooms with decks on beer crates really.

Are there any others you have found over the years worth hunting down?

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I’ve always fancied one of those Pirelli Calendar Classics books, especially the one with early 90s Kate on the cover, but never got it as I guess it’s a bit too sexy / sexist.

I have a bunch of art deco poster books, especially with 1930s travel posters.

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I was gifted a bunch of them in university and looking back it’s definitely an argument for “different times” as an explanation. They’re tucked away from the kids with the Andres Serrano and Robert Mapplethorpe books that I thought made me look edgy at 19.

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Because I’m a nerd I have a copy of this:

I also have the one with pictures of their album covers, which is smaller and cheaper.


i am also a nerd. this is probably my most recent coffee table book, it’s pretty nice.

This has been a favourite since the mid 90s. Always peeks interest and raises a smile.

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If you like your Ivy league schmutter

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Haha yes me too, we went to the exhibition I think maybe at the Photographers Gallery ? Was like getting into something very dangerous, massive warnings, felt very edgy as Art Students, tutor told us we should go but be prepared to be very shocked. Not seen so many BBC’s before, not really shocking though.

This is (unfortunately for my wallet) one of my favorite things to accumulate. Some recent favorites:

Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera: Lawrence, Wayne, Gonzalez, David: 9783791348711: Books

Bruce W. Talamon. Soul. R&B. Funk. Photographs 1972–1982 Bruce W. Talamon. Soul. R&B. Funk. Photographs 1972–1982: Cleage, Pearl, Golden, Reuel, Talamon, Bruce W.: 9783836572408: Books

Alma W. Thomas: Everything Is Beautiful Alma W. Thomas: Everything Is Beautiful: Walz, Jonathan Frederick, Feman, Seth, Barber, Tiffany, Bush, Rebecca, D'Souza, Aruna, Francis, Jacqueline, Gant, Kimberli, Gay, Ross, Gundaker, Grey, Harris, Michael D., Harvey, Melanee, Ho, Melissa, Kerr, Amber, Manthey, Gwen, Mooney, Amy M, Nikolaus, Sydney, Nisbet, James, Painter, Nell, VanDiver, Rebecca: 9780300258936: Books

New York City Graffiti New York City Graffiti: Destiny Children: 9780764337208: Books

California Trip California Trip: Stock, Dennis: 9781944860264: Books

Sienese Painting: From Duccio to the Birth of the Baroque Sienese Painting: From Duccio to the Birth of the Baroque: Chelazzi Dini, Giulietta, Angelini, Alessandro, Sani, Bernardina: 9780810941847: Books

Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising: Freaker, Sneaker: 9781838663674: Books

And this reprinted gem -


Wow this looks super nice, i’m a big fan of the label.

ooooh i gotta get the “soled out” one. growing up in portland, it felt like half of the adults i knew either worked for nike or wieden+kennedy. there was always a sense of pride whenever wild new shoe promo came out and made a mark.

This one is great, too.


I am a sucker for a book like this - some examples I recently picked up:


Probably familiar to most on here. I snoozed getting this now I think it’s hard to find


This one is quite a beast


Just ordered the Red Bull book. As I’ve expressed on here before, as weird as it is their discontinuation of the music-based marketing has left a colossal void in the documentation of important musical subcultures.

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totally - they had a good approach, taking the history and background seriously as well as supporting new talent. They commissioned good writers to write good long form content - it’s definitely a massive gap


Randomly my wife came home with this one day because the gold on the cover matched something or other. It’s got some great photos in it.


Love a book me… sure loads of these are standard fare for many of you on here.