Clobber - a clothes thread

Up in Town for a few days and limited time so no time to flounce around, want a big relaxed white shirt (LS) to traipse around in on hols. Used to have a old Margaret Howell one but has fallen to bits and Mrs refuses to let me take it.

Where too these days?

Depends on your budget and style of shirt

Universal Works
Dover St Market (note, not on Dover St any more)
John Simons (for the definitive Oxford)

Or if on a budget, then UNIQLO does an okay one

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Good call mate works in DSM… ta x

Just invest in another Margaret Howell one, you’ll get the same wear and have the same love for it.

I’m a big fine of the MHL line.

Go on, treat yourself.

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You’re right, love that shirt, think I bought it in 95, think I’ve had my monies worth!


Last time I went ‘out’ I wore a Burro shirt with bondage straps that I must have bought in… maybe 2000? It’s definitely older than some of my kids.


This is the case i make to folk who think £300 Japanese jeans are a rip-off. I’ll basically wear them for about 50% of the year for at least 5 years (often far longer), which equates to approx 900 days. Which works out at about 30p per day. Not bad for something exquisitely made that makes you feel good.


I have the same attitude to my clothes (although I wait for sales) and generally a good pair of pants of a great jacket gets proper mileage to justify the cost.


Found a el classico in my folks house this evening, we were in for dinner and an excuse for me to have a look upstairs…carhartt camo


Circa 98 me thinks