Clobber - a clothes thread

Louis Vuitton release David Mancuso The Loft party-inspired collection !

An ongoing issue but anyone got any idea how much tax etc a $40 tee would attract from the USA to UK?

My Mrs got some shrooms from the US and had to pay €57 when they arrived… :thinking: I’ve been getting t shirts and stuff and never had any extra cost…


It worked out $20 but hopefully I don’t get stiffed on delivery, had it from Canada and it was £36 bill off fedex but it was them scamming as the vendor got it sorted as it was a regular thing.

Just purchased this killer tee from Paninaro


Thank you, ordered one, but had to get small as medium sold out already. Not as small as I was pre-lockdown so hoping it fits😁

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Missed them :pensive:

Want, but it will be eye-wateringly lumpy


I bought the print of the cover. Bit of a weird decision as I have never read the magazine but couldn’t resist.

Had to. Bought the sweat.


More great merch from Primal Scream and Japan retailer Viva Strange Boutique - apparently only available at their Japan shows and online JP.

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Top stuff from Magic Castles…


Lovely tee that :ok_hand:

I got the Magic Castles “Warehouse” tee yesterday, really good quality and fit.