Clobber - a clothes thread

For the denim heads. dug these samurais out today, must be coming up to 10 years old. Hardly wear them anymore but can’t bring myself to get rid.


Had your money’s worth there, still look good.

HebTroCo have a Field jacket on pre-order

Don’t get me wrong it’s nice. It’s wool made by the oldest British military twill/cloth manufacturer. It’s hand made in Britain yada yada…

They want £395 for it.

Is it me? That’s taking the piss slightly? Hipster tax

Ohh I feel a fade Friday thread coming on! :smiley:

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Hard to say as don’t know the quality of the brand, had a quick look and thought maybe needs a better zip and the lining on the inside looked a bit random but that might be the sample.

I guess for the price you are looking at comparing to something like Old Town Clothing.

Nice place Hebden Bridge.

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Loving this Albam overshirt they have just released


Same. It’s a nice update on the earlier quarter zip tops they did.

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yeah this is nice!!..i just got myself a decent albams jacket for half price off their website

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Very nice.

I purchased a parka from Battenwear at the beginning of the winter. A bit pricey but should last me a good few winters. I was going to buy The Deer Hunter from Holubar but I emailed them to ask a question about it and they couldn’t be arsed responding so eff em, Battenwear got my money instead


Burro used to be my go to, used to save up & go the sample sale at Floral St every year. Long gone now but loved how playful & well detailed they were

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A rather nice pair of trooooosers from The North Face Purple Label SS21 collection

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I like the indigo-looking kneepatch ones in the Palace collab

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Busting out the Buffalo for SS21


hat is killer!

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That is amazing. I bought an orange overshirt thing from them years ago, great quality. Similar to this but with a collar and hand warming pockets

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Yep I haven’t purchased it as yet but deffo on my list. I have a couple of Albam shirts, a casual check one which is very nice and a navy blue revere collar shirt which is my favourite ever

Nice work jacket from Adsum

I’ve just seen their Spring 2021 collection, nothing really interests me.

I’ve got a number of Adsum items and I appreciate their clothing is understated, but this collection is just overpriced Uniqlo.

I know what you mean. I love the understated / quality basics type vibe but across Adsum, Norse, Folk etc it’s all blurring into one a bit at the moment.

I miss being in the actual shop. It’s the details and quality of fabric that sets decent gear apart from the likes of Uniqlo. Hard to tell just by scrolling endless stuff that looks the same.