Cafe Del Mar Comps - Where to Start?

I get the impression that these comps are like the Dead’s Dick’s Picks in that there are some greats in the catalogue. But where to start? Still got my CD-Js for just such an occasion!

I think the earliest mixes where Tape-releases…

Some old Cafe Del Mar Mixes got posted here

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Great link, thank you. Yes, I was aware of the tapes but I know there is quite a CD catalogue. Was wondering if anyone had some points of departure there.

Start at the beginning. This one was compliled by Joseé-Del-Mar


I agree, start at the beginning.
The first six in that series were compiled by José.é-Del-Mar?sort=year&sort_order=asc


I may be biased somehow but Café Del Mar Dreams XI might be of interest.

Jacob Gurevitsch being on that one is a plus, too.

Jokes aside, as others have said, any that José had a hand in and/or appears on. That’s the “source” so to speak, it all goes back to him. There are lots of spin-off collections too, like the aforementioned dreams series, you’ll have to peruse those yourself as your mileage may vary with those.

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I think I kept going till 8, but there’s a definite tail off after 6. As with any long running series the best stuff is at the beginning.

For something in a similar vein but a little more upbeat then Phil Misons chillout: the album is a blinder


Volume 2 is a special one for me. Six was the last I bought… have loved exploring the tapes posted on TP…

Edit: adding a few TP links to some favourites:


Oh we’ve got tons of them in the mix section at the foot of the site if you want digi ones…