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Bitcoin is making my days pass in a pretty entertaining way. Anyone else playing with it? What are you involved in…


I buy stocks to hold forever (kinda) like AT&T, and use some extra money to buy and sell, sold some Tesla beginning of January.

Really looking at whats going on between WallStreet and the subreddit wallstreetbets, really entertraining, Im sure they will do a movie about it.

Also keeping an eye on a crypto called Dogecoin, but usually I stay far from cryptos

Yes im using CashFX which is entry level stuff, bunged in some cash last year and have trebled that… Gone bigger with Hyper Fund and thats set for greatness, so far its all looking good. :+1:

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Do you know Max n Stacey? Been dipping in and out of their stuff since they did a show on Resonance FM in London…now on RT.
This is their last orange pill podcast

This thread has gone down well Paul hahahaha

This is a long read on money, done by Jonathon Harris who got into burning money after the KLF burn

$LINK over 25!!!

Are these the auto trading type sites / apps that take all of the hard work out of it?

Been sniffing around them for a while, thinking of dipping a toe.

Yeah like Coinbase or Binance. It’s fun tbh.

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Cashfx is exactly that and been a dead cert since i started… Got some info if interested…?

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Anything you’re happy to share to set me on my way would be great. Thank you.

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Elon musk just sent it bananas! hodl away folks

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Yeh mines shot up today.

Musk chucked 1.5 billion at it!


have long have you been in? I had one for 100 quid that was sitting on silk road when it got busted and the feds took it…like the actual federal bureau of investigation! tried to get it back recently and was met with polite responses with undertones of ‘youre barking mate’ :flushed:

Not that long. Its made a 20% return really fast though. The people that seem to know about are saying it’s about to fly. So we’ll see.

Just had a nice bonus, thanks Elon :joy::+1:

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Elon is nudging this and defo worth a little look i think :thinking: :+1:

Yip, everything from it’s a bubble about to burst [obviously not] to 300K and more. proper rabbit hole full of conspiracies (some reasonable) once you start looking into it