Best tunes of 2022

Terje used to win these year in year out. I’ve not really been hearing those populist summer bangers lately though. Either the landscape has changed or I don’t get out enough?


I definitely don’t get out enough so it’s hard to tell!

Might be a factor in why there are less obvious big winners in the TP/DJH community these days? Most of us are getting on a bit and not spending much time in clubs/festivals having those shared big tune moments.

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Makes sense. Are those big tunes out there being heard by others? Shame there’s not a Junior DJH/TP version so we could find out…it’s terrible getting old!


My tune of the year for sure

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Strings of Eden is the only “new” release 12" I’ve bought this year- and that’s a remix…

I’ve really taken to the 7s by Aiden Ayers and Double Geography

A weak year for edits imo- a few decent ones, but none really outstanding for me, so keen for some pointers. I miss Balearic Blah Blah…what a series that was

Album of the year by far for me is The Kyoto Connection “The Flower, the Bird and the Mountain”- exceptional any time of day pottering music

I highly recommend. It


cosign on the kyoto connection album.

since everything went digital, it feels like singles/remixes are either too cost-prohibitive to invest in at the same scale - or so ubiquitous that we cant get consensus.

i really couldn’t just pick ONE album this year. there’s been so many good ones - big obvious ones, ones that may have been lucky to sell 100 copies.

here’s some:

svaneborg kardyb “over tage”
tess roby “ideas of space”
sault “air”
lex “waving”
charles webster “decision time”
felbm “elements of nature”
the kyoto connection “the flower the bird and the mountain”
space ghost “private paradise”
mr. fingers “around the sun”
suss “heat haze”
the balek band “medecines”
barbie bertish “prelude”
ron trent “what do the stars say to you?”
mark barrott “travelling music”
V/A “valley of the sun: field guide to inner harmony”
hoshina anniversary “hisyochi”.
lost weekend “down the road”
kaidi tatham “don’t rush the process”
beth orton “weather alive”
other lands “archipelagos”
the zennmen and john moods “hidden gem”
tarotplane “the ektachrome dawn”
the greg foat group “blue lotus”
son of chi & arthur flink “the fifth world recordings”
los days “west winds”

all this and so much more. grateful for you folks, and your evangelism as well - another year of learning both the new and the old music that makes my soul feel better.


Axel Boman feat. Bella Boo - Nowhere Good
Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray - Sanba Yo Pran Pale - DJ Koze remix (although I think this came out in 2021)
Nu Genea - Merechia

…and incase the DJ Koze remix came out in 2021 then…

Chronixx - Never Give Up


Gianni Brezzo - Tutto Passa

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Seconded. Been consistently excellent!

This cropped up just now in my Youtube recs. Must be where the Coyote edit came from. Sounds great on my tv.


Off the top of my head:

Alex kassian - strings of Eden
Synaptic voyager - weather this storm (whole ep is boss tbf)

Bought lots of albums this year:
Space ghost - private paradise
Mr fingers - around the sun pt1
Om unit - acid dub studies ii
Shinichi atobe - love of plastic
Sessa- estrela acesa
Bruno Berle - No Reino Dos Afetos
Other lands lp


just heard the Danny Wang DSDN EP on Alex’s Voices in my head show (I do miss Alex and Voices - good times) - the dubs are awesome DSDN EP | Daniel Wang | Paloma


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1- Leinad - Souvenirs (Deep Dean Remix)
2- Coyote - Will We Ever Dance Again [This one was released late last year]
3- STR4TA - Night Flight

Album: The Zenmenn and John Moods - Into The Heart Of The Matter
Comp: Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours


Although I buy records from a fairly wide spectrum of music, my digital listening habits rarely ever stray from hip hop. Very little hip hop ever gets posted on this forum, so not sure if this run down will be of interest to anyone… but here goes.

My hip hop picks for 2022:

Rahim Samad - Nubian Tapestries

Open Mike Eagle - Component System With The Auto Reverse

Mach-Hommy & Tha God Fahim - Duck Czn: Tiger Style

Mr. Muthafu**in eXquire - I Love Y.O.U. Cuz Y.O.U. Ugly

Sonnyjim & The Purist - White Girl Wasted

Wiki & Subjxct 5 - Cold Cuts

Ankhlejohn - Found Lonely In Las Vegas

J.Rocc - A Wonderful Letter

Freddie Gibbs - $oul $old $eparately

Bishop Nehru - Nehruvian Tuesdays Vol. 2

Cormega - The Realness II

Roc Marciano & The Alchemist - The Elephant Man’s Bones

Prodigy - The Hegelian Dialectic 2

Your Old Droog - The YODfather

Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes

Milez Grimez & DJ Mekalek - Funkshwā

I’ve made a YouTube playlist with the best two tracks from each project.


What’s happened to Terje? he was so prolific with edits and new productions and haven’t heard anything in ages

That Cheat Codes album is off the chain. It’s got a real late 90s sensibility to it, without sounding dated. Great samples too. The collab tracks are ace, Doom etc.

Any other solid picks that stand out on your list BDP?

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I’m a huge Wiki fan. He’s really underrated I think. He raps his ass off on everything he does. The producer of that album - Subjxct 5 is from New Jersey - and those NJ house influences shine through. He was dropping some house tunes when he performed in Manchester with Wiki in July. Best show I’ve been to in years. Wiki killed it and there was probably less than 50 people there. They’re back in the UK next week for a few dates.

The Open Mike Eagle album is great if you haven’t checked that.

I haven’t really liked Ankhlejohn’s previous projects, but he’s ramped up the soul samples for this one and it really works.

If you’re looking for solid 90s sounding hip hop then you might not like quite a few of my choices as they’re a bit more sonically diverse. For straight up hip hop maybe try the Rahim Samad or the SonnyJim. Pretty impressive for a UK artist to get features from DOOM & Jay Elec on one track and production from Madlib and Primo on the album.

The J.Rocc album is good from start to finish. Not all hip hop like, but the uptempo tracks are some of the best on the album.

My favourite current emcee is on the list - Your Old Droog. Like a lot of these guys, there’s a steady stream of releases, but he manages to maintain the quality of the output. This one’s more like an EP, less than 20 minutes long, but I’d recommend any of his projects.

Hope that’s useful and not too much waffle.


I might be making wild leaps here but feels like scandolearic has given way to the dream house revival