Best tunes of 2022

Seeing as the Furtive 50 is in full swing on DJH I thought it would be good to hear what the TP Forum has enjoyed so far this year.

It’s that time when I start looking at all the end of year lists coming out and bankrupt myself buying loads of amazing stuff I’ve missed….

Here’s what I put as my Furtive 50 entry as a starter:

Pinky Perzelle - No Games (Pinky Electronic Mix) [Perzelle Recordings]

Daniel Monaco - Swimming [Periodica International]

Brittany Dubson - Du Sang [Chambre Noire]

Album: Eyes of Others - Bewitched By Flames [Heavenly]

These are all 2022 originals but there’s also been tons of reissues/edits/compilations too.

So don’t hold back. If it came out in 2022 and you love it, put it in this thread….


Has to be my most lean year in terms of buying music, even digital.


Bruxula - Dark Farfisa
Noda & Wolfers - Tascam Space Season
Gaoulé Mizik / Michel Laurent - Excursions in Gwoka vol.1
East Coast Love Affair - Chicago
John Beltran - Para Viajeros


Ron Trent/Warm - What Do the Stars Say to You?
Greg Foat - Blue Lotus


Taras Bulba - Venier Le Temps
Penny Goodwin - Slow Hot Wind
Sheila & Des Majek - Green Leaves


Nahma : A Gulf Polyphony

Test Pressing Discoveries

Salty Miller - Music Makes Me High (Ooft)
Barrington Levy - The Vibe Is Right (Ooooft)


Vieux Farka Toure & Khruangbin LP did lots of wonder for me.


It’s been a good year for T-U-N-E-S…


It really has and I’m struggling to put something together.

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I’ll do it over the weekend. So many. The Ron Trent album is up there, my mate Glenn Davis put me on to it and he also had a few belters out this year :green_heart:

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Proper gorgeous


Off the top of my head

Coyote - Kate’s Bush
Summerisle Six - This Is Something (Rico Conning Mix)
Pinky Perzelle - No Games (VS&THOG Remix)
Wrekin Havoc - Expanded Universe
Caravan - Rivareno Nights
Stella - Sentimentale


Ooh always tough. These are def on shortlist

Vendetta Suite - warehouse rock timmy stewart mix
Feel Fly - Trip cosmo mix (all about the Italians this year)
Royksopp/Goldfrapp - impossible
Greenwood & Horn - dust of falling stars
That idjut rmx of Cantoma - alive
The order of the 12 - against the tide (another folky Norris beaut)
Pinky Perzelle too


To name but a few based on what’s in my recent list

Sault - Angel
Jezebell - jezebellearic
Eyes of others - well thumbed letters
Ruf dug - don’t give in
Kates bush
Greg Foat - psycosynthesis (crooked man remix)
Athletes of god - don’t want to be normal (long and crooked)


Will need to have a think, but this has been a favourite for sure


No rush, no limit. Keep ‘em coming as they spring to mind.


Massive love for everything Planet Trip related in 2022. Five top releases, some already mentioned.

Caravan - Sicilliano EP
Ordinary Dreams Vol 2 compilation
Eternal Love - Altar EP
SoFa - All My Friends Are Witches
Manuel Darquart- In The Post

It’s such a consistently brilliant label.


There’s been a real change in these lists over the years. It’s like the same number of records come out, but now it’s many, many releases of smaller pressings. Feels like it’s hard to come to a consensus as there’s just so much new music. In that spirit, I’m going for one which feels like it united people.


That’s a fair point. I was wondering how many votes it takes to top the Furtive 50. The lists are so diverse there’s prob a massive tail of things with one vote. I reckon Strings of Eden could well be another No1 for Alex Kassian.


Strings of Eden is an incredible track, and would get my vote for tune of the year.

Special mention to:

Omar S ft TroiAlexis - Can’t Explain (R&B Mix)

Doinel - Saideira

Space Ghost - Heaven Sent

Nu Genea - Tienate

Ruf Dug - Don’t Give In (Street Soul Vocal)

Some great tracks on the Kaidi Tatham LP that came out this year as well but not sure which is my favourite of the lot.


I’m going to have to get back on this one but I notice Coyote’s latest on Magic Wand is getting some love for the Kate Bush edit. I find myself humming or singing badly the CSN Lee Shore edit pretty much everyday. A great release all round.
Plus one for Strings of Eden. I’ve spent a good hour of a set flitting between the various mixes and always sets the tone perfectly.


I was going to post something simiar. 5+ years ago there would be an obvious favourite emerge fairly early on. The sheer amount of music coming out now means peoples choices are much much wider, and I wonder how many votes it actually takes to be no.1?

Anyway, here are my picks:

Cruisic - Pacific 707
Eternal Love - Terra Trance
Rhode & Brown - Sendling Sidewalks (Manuel Darquart Mix)

Space Ghost - Private Paradise


Don’t know any of those so that probably goes some way to proving your point!:joy::+1: