Best of Beats In Space

Just heard the sad news that Beats in Space is ending after a pretty unfuckable with 21 year run.

S/O some of your favourite shows. I always loved this Prosumer Christmas special


Whoa no way, I thought Tim would go for ever with that. That’s a shame.

I always enjoyed Kim Ann Foxman, her first is the best.

Some other highlights for me:

DJ Steve

Mark Barrott

Any time Eric Duncan turned up to take the piss out of time was always amusing


That is sad news, great show, introduced me to a lot of fine music & DJs

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I think he’ll end up announcing it will live on via Patreon or something similar. And I’ll be glad to give my money, to be honest.

The year-end best-of mixes were always a highlight.

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Such a great show, a consistent source of great new and old music. Back in 2006 this Headman mix was a great introduction for me to the cosmic/Balearic sound:

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Aw man this is really sad news
Tim had a super good ear for talent
Loved Budino’s BIS mix

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yeah, he’s saying it’s a ‘break’ so maybe my post was a tad HYSTERICAL. still the end of an era


Where did he announce this?

Yesterday, I believe

i got into it around 2006 and it dovetailed with my interest in the weirder stuff I was finding on the blogs and the whole edits craze. too many tunes to mention but always remember Sweeney’s awe when he played delia & gavin’s Revelee for the first time. hadn’t tuned in for ages because there’s so much else doing the same thing now. props though for soundtracking many a roadtrip and sheepish homeward journey from festivals

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On the show. Put up a final episode:

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Anton/Phil South were always good shows, deep mysterious vibes

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#674 with Trujillo and Albion was amazing.

Oooh heavy hitters both, need to check this one out.

Essential playlist: Victor from Washington Heights


I’ve been coming back to both for years. Up there with my favorite mixes of all time,

This one by Justin VdV was a kind of ‘best of’ and sticks in my mind. So many over the years though. Loved the Paula Tape one recently too.


The show they taped the night Obama was elected, I think it was with Eric Duncan. They were both drunk and celebrating and just spun the decks for 5 minutes straight when it was called for Obama.

The shows with Mike Simonetti stick out in my mind…so varied, everything from Paranoid London to Klaus Schulze in the same set.

So many classic sets from Prosumer in the early days.

The mid-2000s sets during the DFA days when the show felt like it mattered in a big way.

All the sets where important DJs played deep cuts and influences instead of just doing promo mixes.

Countless memories partying to BiS over the years with friends and family, really going to miss it.