Best of '21 - End of Year list / chart

(Apologies if this on another thread) but as December is nearly here who’s got nominations for their best new tracks, albums, compilations, re-releases of the year 2021? Could also cover events, festivals maybe??


We were also going to ask TP forum members to do a version of the yearly TP round up… I’ll do that in a new thread too. Room for all : )


ok here’s 10 of mine. hardly went out at all so can only imagine what the livelier ones would have sounded like on a good system

Khruangbin & Felix Dickinson / Time (You and I) (Put a Smile on DJ’s Face Mix) - the original was already ace, but the remix takes it all cosmic (is that a moog I hear on there?)

Residentes Balearicos / Cachonda - sounding like something Reverso 68 could have knocked out, or even DFC in the halcyon years. Very Ibiza (in a good way)

Cale Sexton / Sustain - from Down Under but not over the top. one to immerse yourself into. thanks to Slow Music Movement as ever for the tipoff

Alex Kassian / Leave your life - the best YES tribute of the year, shame it never got a digi release

Jpye & Renato / Cosa Ti Va - tasty Italian number off Claremont 56, with a slight nod to Pino D’Angiò?

Superpitcher / Smile It’s A New Day - that nagging windchime (?) chord is killer

Sun Palace / Rude movements (FK) - probably the pick of the remix package, I don’t listen to much house anymore but this was gorgeous

Javier Segarra / Malagueños 2 - the standout on the Ola Interior comp, one of a number of excellent releases this year showcasing mainland Spain’s lesser known 80s experimental scene

and a couple of bits I’m sure the late Weatherall would’ve enjoyed

the dubbiness of Craig Bratley/Amy Douglas - No in between and also the unexpected French psych collabs between Limiñanas/Garnier - Que Calor/Saul which I both played to death


Interesting i had only listened to one of these. That’s the charm of these EOY lists, you get to hear so much stuff that you missed. Will check these out!


Here’s my picks for the year that is/was 2021


Cabopolonio - Camera 6

The Far East – Nyc Dream

Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life


Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8

Galathea - Galathea

Emma-Jean Thackray - Yellow


Ritmo Fantasía: Balearic Spanish Synth​-​Pop, Boogie and House (1982​-​1992)

For The Love Of You, Vol. 2

Label of the year

Athens of the North


Another one for the singles:

Jazzuelle - Hashashin ft Atjazz

Thanks @Nice2CU2CUNice for this one


Lots of great music released this year…


Top 20 for 2021

Eric from America & Chttom - An Hour A Day With You (Eric’s Credit To The Profession Remix)

Fuga Ronto - Falling Star

Dombrance - Taubira (Prince Thomas Diskomiks)

30/70 Collective -Tastes Like Freedom (Tornado Wallace Red Face Mix)

Kalabrese - Farben Am Himmel

Wiener Pladraquant - Stillsand (Rising Seed Rework)

Margee - In My Sleep

Margee - Wrong Dream (Hardway Bros Cosmic Intervention)

Charlie Charlie - Save Us

Wrekin Havoc - Oh La Lover

North of the Island - Kit Kat

Lova - Echoes of Memories

Si Brad ft. Aleem- Falling Down (Psychemagik Remix)

Jim - Falling That You Know

Goldsuite - Vanity

Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life (Lonely Hearts Mix)

Scarlet Fantastic- Make Way For Love (Mister Deltoid French Tickler Dub)

Talking Drums - Under The Sky

Cole Odin ft. Eddie C - Little Boxes (40 Thieves Version)

Miljon - What Does It Take (Album Version)


Some great lists here, and so much I’ve missed and have loved catching up with, thanks :slight_smile:


yep, playing catchup too. a ridiculous amount of stuff released on Music for Dreams. where do you even start?

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That’s the best bit, hearing stuff you missed :+1:


Those Margee tracks are :boom:


Does this list keep getting longer?

now weighing up distinct possibility that kids get no Christmas presents as dad has blown it all on Bandcamp again


I may have added a ‘few’ more


A few from me:

Kassian Versions - Need Me/Want Me

Alpha & Omega - Shuruaat Aur Ant

S.O.K - Extasz

Sangre Voss - Mendl 15

Bunzinelli - Call In Blue

ACR - Downtime Vibes

Miro Sunday Music- Rising Sun | Non Pacifist Trance Version

Reggae Disco Rockers - Whistle Song (Silent Dream version)

Lee Douglas - Van (from his edits compilation)

BS Radio Vol 1 - Eternal Love (compilation)

Might add a few more as they spring to mind……


I tend to buy albums so a bit more biased towards that format here were my faves -

Alex Kassian – Leave Your Life

Loveshadow - Loveshadow
Cleo Sol - Mother
Joy Orbison - still slipping, vol.1
Fuga Ronto - Greatest Treasure

Mário Rui Silva - Stories From Another Time 1982​-​1988
Ritmo Fantasía: Balearic Spanish Synth​-​Pop, Boogie and House (1982​-​1992


Not bought much new stuff this year, still catching up with old stuff, but loved the Alex Kassian & Joy Orbison, both of which i discovered thru this forum. :ok_hand:


Some favourites from this year


For many (i feel) Alex Kassian was one of the best 12"s of the year…but if you missed out, looks like a repress is on the way LINK

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I bought more albums this year than singles / 12’s.

12’s/ eps
Alex kassian - leave your life
Kurtis - the Curtis vodka ep

Om unit - acid dub studies
Other lands - sounds for isolated souls
Niko-Tzoukmanis – Hope Is The Sister Of Despair (first time on vinyl in 2021 so I’m sticking it in)
Downstairs j - basement etc
Bremmer/ McCoy - Natten
Sean la’brooy - out moving windows

Reissues / comps
Kevin McCormick & David horridge - light patterns
Mario Rui Silva - stories from another time
A positive life - Synaesthetic