Best of 2023

It’s that time of the year again when people list loads of amazing stuff you’ve never heard of and you spend all your cash on tunes instead of Christmas presents for your children.

There’s tons of stuff that I’ve enjoyed this year. I’ll add more but some initial thoughts to get the thread going are:

Coral D - all his releases this year

All of the stuff I’ve bought on Sound Metaphors. Too many to list!

Eddie Chacon - Sundown (Gigi Masin Remix)

Cola Ren - Hailu

Payfone - I Feel You (Mudd Instrumental )

Vicious Charm remixes of Jim: Crooked Man, Midfield General himself, Ruf Dug

Duca Bianco releases especially Good Block, Miserimix and Piers.

Everything on Before I Die

Orchid - You’re My Heart, You’re My Meadow


Holy Tongue - Deliverance
Vanishing Twin - Afternoon X
V/Z - Suono Assente
Abracadabra - Shapes & Colors
Froid Dub - Synch Unity
KWC 92 - Dreamin’ of A Vacation
Alek Lee - You

Plus more compilation albums, edits and re-issues to follow.

Over to you….


Literally listened to this about an hour ago. So good.

I’ve contemplating my end of year faves recently and how my taste has changed so much over the past couple of years.

January will see exactly one year of using Roon as my music player. Will post some graphics with all the lovely Roon stats nearer christmas.

Have put in some serious listening hours this year.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 21.34.06
Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 21.34.23
Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 21.34.37


Bally tunes
Radioslave - amnesia
Subnesia - Baila gitano

Discoteca - Resistor’s Dream
PSB - in the dark (climax)

Jonathan Wilson - marzipan
Jim - across the street

Bike - santa caneça (minami deutsch remix)
Pascal Comelade/Limiñanas - Boom Boom

Red Axes - Flawless
Wata Igarashi - Ceremony of the Dead

Alex from Tokyo - Wa Galaxy SF10 Instrumental
Ben Sun - Shores of minds

Viscardi & Il Duo Magnetico - Jamba Club
Christalli Liquidi - Rosso Carnale (Bottin dub)

Beatles - Now and Then
EBTG - Run a red light

Vince clarke

New discovery (to me)
Black Pumas

Minami Deutsch

New DJ (to me)

Nous (France)

Freedonia (BCN)

Live Venue
Sala Upload (BCN)


a.s.o - a.s.o
Hania Rani - Ghosts
Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy

Radio Slave - Amnesia
Earth Angel - Really Really
Payfone - I feel you
Warriors of the dystotheque - Fitroy Avenue

Milagros del Ritmo vol2


Love that Milagros del Ritmo comp.

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Top 10 most played tracks of 2023.


Although I did buy other genres this year (quite a bit of African music as well as dancehall), as usual, my music consumption is about 95% hip hop, so that’s what my list comprises. Here’s a list of my favourite albums and mini-albums of the year (roughly in order - with the Junclassic being my favourite):

Junclassic & Giallo Point - Snapshots EP

Thes One - Farewell, My Friend

Grafh & 38 Spesh - Art of Words

Dillon & Diamond D - Uncut Gems

Count Bass D - Walter Dwight

Open Mike Eagle - another triumph of ghetto engineering

L*Roneous & Blesinfinite - Legacy of the Blues Singers

El Michels Affair & Black Thought - Glorious Game

4-ize - Look At My Isis

Achoodfella & Arkin - Organic Sounds

Mach-Hommy - Notorious Dump Legends Vol 2

Recognize Ali - Back to Mecca II

I’ve made a playlist with 32 of the best tracks of the year if anyone wants to listen.


Sean’s Alfos Top 250. Anyone got a link for the BTWS ‘Weekender’ reanimation?

Now That’s What I Call A Love From Outer Space 2023

1 Slow Burn 2049 (Cooper Saver Remix) Duncan Forbes 2 Nemesister Crooked Man 3 As I Am (Vhyce Remix) Franz Matthews 4 We Still Believe (Original Mix) The Blessed Madonna & Jamie Principle 5 Allullu Azzo Fango 6 So Better Molsy 7 Strobe Queen Radio Slave 8 Love Em Lear Em Tegel Boys 9 Payfone & Kyd Nereida - I Feel You (Mudd Remix) 10 UFO (Andi Hanley Rework) Falk & Klou 11 Marius Circus - Lost on the path to nowhere (Jazxing Pathfinding Remix) 12 Caramel 3000 - Super Rapido 13 Burning Bridges (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) Phenomenal Handclap Band 14 Saigon - Hardway Bros 15 Red District Ballade (Zillas On Acid Remix) Adolpho & Franky 16 Oh, Lover (NTO Remix) Röyksopp 17 PBR _ Meet Front Left Stack_ Hardway Bros Remix 18 Hardway Bros - Here’s To The Wild (Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Under Blue Moon) 19 Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Billka Edit) 20 Intro (Original Mix) Alan Braxe, Fred Falke 21 Oh, Lover (NTO Club Remix) Röyksopp 22 So Sprach Psychedelia (Rambal Cochet´s Trance Mix) Pyrame 23 Rock the Spectre - Mystic Thug 24 The other side (Original Mix) Inxec 25 Toot Toot Emmet Read 26 Claudio Diva - Funky Nephos 27 I Heard It (Original Mix) Daco 28 Robot Voices (Westbam Edit) DJ Hell 29 Can’t Replicate 12” Edit Róisín Murphy x DJ Koze 30 CLOUD NINE (The Stallions Remix) The Backwoods 31 Thunder (Extended Version) Bruise 32 Energy Half Cut 33 Layers (Extended) Terr 34 Alek_Lee_-Fima_Is_Back(Original_Mix) 35 Rearrange Your Face (Kenneth Bager Unreleased Edit) - Tolga Büyuk & Kenneth Bager 36 Alek_Lee_-Fun_Control(Prins_Thomas_Diskomiks) 37 And The Colour Red (Original Mix) Underworld 38 Witchy Feel (Counter Mix) MAPS 39 Da_Iguana_-Basilic_Ballistics(Original_Mix) 40 Da_Iguana_-Nothing_Lasts_Forever(Original_Mix) 41 Godless Ceremony (Live At The SSL ALT Dub) ) islandman 42 Carmico My Friend Dario 43 Nikita Boogie Shumin Nikita 44 I Hear Ghosts (Original Mix) Dad Of The Year & Eddy Romero 45 53X - Solitude - Digital Master 46 Rule Six - The Ride (Rule Six Acid Rerub) 47. BASS - THE FINAL FRONTIER (Original Mix) Jo Simms. 48 Greece 2000 (Three Drives Cover) Low Volume 49 Big Companies, Large Tentacles (Album Version)(Instrumental) Eyes of Others 50 The Night ft. M.I.L.K (Original Mix) Yuksek, Juveniles 51 Libera Al Wootton 52 Cannonball Casino Times 53 Phrygian Trance (Heidenreich Remix) Cosman 54 Rimini (Spree Version) Dina Summer 55 Nature in a Different Planet My Friend Dario 56 Looking In (Clive From Accounts Remix) Underground System 57 Time Stands Still Ron Morelli 58 Heya Yaha (Counter Mix) MAPS 59 AS_DA_Remain Edit 60 Zumbi (Yotam Russo Zumbis in Tel Aviv Remix) Cosman 61 Tanzen (Club Mix) Hidden Spheres 62 What’s Life (Idjut Boys Seven Slackers Remix) De Lux 63 Spacer (Mooglie’s Four Twenty In The Closing Club Edit) Mooglie, Agoria, Noemie 64 Harmonium Detector (Max Pask Remix) Mother of Mars 65 Can You Dig It (Original Mix) Moscoman 66 Somethin’ Higher You Man 67 Da_Iguana_-Bells_Projection(Original_Mix) 68 4 FOR THE MONEY-MOMENT IN TIME (CB RE-RUB) 69 Marshall Watson _ Cole Odin - Daydream In Dub Hardway Bros Live At The SSL 70 Poppers Pink (Strapontin Remix) Sex Judas feat. Ricky 71 Drawn Into Your Love Davin Varda 72 You Knew (Payfone Remix) Róisín Murphy & DJ Koze 73 Radio Staccato (Mother of Mars Remix) Hologram Teen 74 OJAH 2 Loops 75 Alvaro_Cabana_&Julian_Sanza-Orbita_De_Segunda_Mano(Original_Mix) 76 Doors To Shambhala You Man 77 Glenn Morrison & Aaya - Twenty Something (Original Mix) [Hooj Choons] 78 Klevo Lapus (Thomass Jackson Remix) Shurmin Nikita 79 Flying Horsemen Stevie R & Parisinos 80 Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix) Underworld 81 Paper Tiger Darlyn Vlys 82 Leaving the Station Gilligan Moss 83 Only For Tonight Terr 84 Jaydee - Black Book (Original Mix) [Hooj Choons] 85 U Can Stop (Shonky’s Indiana Shonk Remix) Sonotheque 86 Slowlife Bleaching Agent 87 Elevation ft. Sunni Colón (Paul Woolford Remix) Braxe + Falcon 88 B Declercq Bleaching Agent 89 PASK & DUNKS - KURT 90 Fizzy (Felix Dickinson Remix) ASHRR 91 Viper Patrol - Not Of This World (Rule Six Glitterball Mix) [Cotton Bud Master] 92. LOVEBIRDS FT. URI GINCEL fly away 93 Sioux You North of the Island 94 Serious ft Dean Glozier J1Mi 95 Orleans - Wallace 96 Roman Flügel People_and_places_Titel 97 Miss Datos Roliva 98 Die Nacht Ist Kuhl Mugwump 99 Poison Lips (extended) Vitalic 100 The Chance (DJ D’s Dubplate Mix) Reel Houze 101 Scrubb It Jamie 3:26 & Mr Scruff 102 Baila Gitano (feat. Nordal) (Club Mix) Subnesia 103 Kivun Omri Smadar 104 The Grinning 105 Muse (Original Mix) X-Press 2 106 Chasing The Scream (Original Mix) A Different Animal 107 Ryo (Xinobi Remix) Joris Voorn 108 Dancer - Original Mix Robert Hood 109 Tranquil Elephantizer- TRISHA -Felix’s Live Drum Italo Monster Mix 110 State Of Mind (Slack Mix) Alex Kassian Dream State Steve Bug, Cle 111 Bass Bumper_RTBGN001 112 islandman_Jambo Maro (Scorpio Twins Remix) - [96k-24b] 113 In Deep Matt Dirt 114 All the Weather People 115 Syreen Lindstrøm 116 Bagavoa (Lifestyle) (Extended Mix) Omri Smadar, Hila Ruach 117 Vinz Bleaching Agent 118 Trance deux - Cornelius Dr & Tushen Rai 119 Right Down Here (Psychemagik Remix) Asha Puthli 120 Fluke - Insanely Beautiful - HBMMU dub 121 islandman - Simple Man (12- Mix) 122 Radio Slave ft. Cagedbaby - Amnesia (Instrumental Mix) 123 Waiting For The Sun (Original Mix) Drum Tales 124 Futuro Tropicale - Velenoso 125 What I Used To Play (Roman Flügel Remix) Sven Väth 126 Mustache Of The Universe feat. Amanda Lear Captain Mustache 127 The hand of god - Unknown Artist 128 Les Camarades - Unknown Artist 129 BabylonBlack_Set It Up 130 Where I Am (Ofofo Remix) SIMPLE SYMMETRY 131 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities in Dust (Hunterbräu Rework) 132 FLUKE - PHILLY (RED AXES DISCO BOWL EDIT ) 133 Stereo MC’S - Deeper - Grant dell remix 134 Craehrzhd Global Goon 135 Lessleep (Extended Mix) Whitesquare 136 Fire Island Ft. Loleatta Holloway - Shout To The Top (Hifi Sean remix) 2023 Edit 137 Set Me Free Krankbrother 138 Look Like A Man (Extended Mix) Decius 139 As I Ran (Original Mix) YAME 140 Bluer Than Blue (Massimiliano Pagliara Mix) Duncan Forbes 141 Kurokin (DJ Deeon mix 2) D KAWA 142 Where I Am Pitch Down SIMPLE SYMMETRY 143 Funeral of Past Affections SIMPLE SYMMETRY 144 The Question ft. Jonathan Lehmann (The Organism Remix) Franz Matthews 145 California Style (Lucci Capri edit) MESSALINA 146 Almusiqaa Ha Hayati (Genish Remix) Da Iguana 147 Larry Gus The Sun Describes (40 Thieves Wawoobi Dub) 148 Shisha House Mytron 149 Fireflies feat. Appaloosa Slove 150 Wide Music II Future Island 151 Les Femmes Qui Ne Pleurent Pas 152 Flowered Up - Weekender (BTWS Re-Animation) 8.1 PRE_StreakyMastered_2444 153 CAN - I WANT MORE PK bootleg V5 1 154 Phoenix. X-Press 2 On Fire Dub DJ Master JIM 155 Radio Slave - Wake Up (Super Pitcher Remix) 156 TIME ALEK LEE 157 I’ve Lost Control - Glenn Underground’s Old School Re-Rub DJ Pierre 158 Trapped (Solee Remix) Colonel Abrams, Solee 159 Bone Of Her Hand Medicine 8 160 Mouth to Mouth Radio Slave vs Audion 161 Makam Zakmina 162 Even The Beetles, The Monkeys Medicine 8 163 Talking Heads - Burning Down The House (Andy Buchan Choir Edit) 164 Super Rapido (SIRS Cut) Caramel 3000 165 Storming Heaven - Unknown Artist 166 Love & Hate In A Different Time. X-Press 2 Love & Honesty Remix Gabriels 167 Mid Life Crisis Sexy Lazer 168 CAGEDBABY OCT ACUJAM 5 169 Gem_Wallow_-Zunzun(Original_Mix) 170 Gem_Wallow_-Zunzun(Francis_Inferno_Orchestras_Dero_God_Mix) 171 Love (AmuAmu Remix) Dad Of The Year 172 Headman feat Vongold-Sometimes Dub_BONUS 173 Gem_Wallow_-WAnoWA(Original_Mix) 174 FLORECER HIDDEN THOUGHTS DAS KOMPLEX REMIX 175 FRENCHIE KNUCKLES LARRY QUEST 176 Neu Nostalgia (Das Komplex Remix) Jazxing 177 Kano - It’s a War! (Sound Klash Dub) 178 Silence of Love ft. Jesse Boykins III Tiga & Hudson Mohawke 179 All The VCOs You Can Eat (Traveler Dub) Massimiliano Pagliara 180 Birth4000 (Extended Mix) Floating Points 181 Hopeless Beat - Eden Burns 182 Overnover - Eden Burns 183 Puzzle Loop - Eden Burns 184 We’ll Be Alright Nat Home 185 Hacido Phillipi 186 Caught - Yotam Avni Edit Yotam Avni 187 This is Love ft. Kate Pendry (Prins Thomas Remix) Trulz & Robin 188 Kosmische Tech Support 189 Disco Renegade Mash Up - Rude Audio & MSOM 190 Bright Mood Andrea Lacoste; Azaria 191 Disco In The Sky Superpitcher 192 Acid In The Sky Superpitcher 193 Odyssey 10 Beyond The Stratosphere 194 Home E. Myers 195 TheClash-PoliceAndThieves-LeoZeroEdit 196 The African Band - Hoomba Hoomba - Justin Deighton, Leo Zero Edit 197 Tensao Phillipi 198 Betta Fango 199 Sarcosuco Fango 200 C.O.D.E.S. Code 6 201 Vencejos Undo 202 Dimetrodonte Fango 203 Offshore (ft. Reinhard Vanbergen) Anders Ponsaing 204 Hexagrama Andrea Lacoste; Azaria 205 Mishima (Joe Goddard Dub Remix) Daphne Guinness 206 Dramacid (Feat San Proper) DVDE 207 Acid Mosquito in A Summer Night (DJ Spun It’s Rong Remix) My Friend Dario 208 Here Comes The Night (Original Mix) Romare 209 Kabwato ft. Budūchi, Ni! (Ewan Pearson Remix Instrumental) Kito Jempere 210 Choreography Lust Pattern 211 Magic Dub Wednesday Club 212 Memorabilia (Luke Solomon Remix) Soft Cell 213 It’s 5am Somewhere Tom Sharkett 214 Stay On Top Hardway Bros Extended Mix _ Living In Ghosts Ft Woolfy 215 Stay On Top Hardway Bros Dub Remix_Living In Ghosts Ft Woolfy 216 Cornelelius Dr & Tushen Rai Age Of Love Hardway Bros Disco Valley Remix 217 The Dawn - Sequenza Version (Pional Remix) Sequenza Extended 218 Anzu C.A.R. 219 Fester Hardway Bros Acid Dub Jason Merle 220 Fester Hardway Bros Dalston Housin’ Authority Remix Jason Merle 221 Unravelling ft. Eric Leeds Ada Kaleh 222 Popper slEdger 223 sirs_treibsand 224 Mechanical Love (ft. Modema) Tom Sharkett 225 Jazzxing W Uścisku (Polotronic Remix) 226 FUN 4 FUN - RELAX YOUR SOUL 227 Tartiflux - Margee 228 LV - Dream On 229 DAS KOMPLEX 89 230 Hold On Ft Paya (Staccatoman version) Offshore and Coen 231 Orchard - Eden Burns 232 2. Jon Carter ‘Sail We Must’ 233 andrew weatherall - y.w.eleven 234 I am an Animal (WH Edit) 235 The Ghost (W. H. Lung Remix) 236 Spell Tempo Temple 237 Love Spell (Original Mix) Napoleon 238 Switchdance - A robot’s dreams 239 Return to Centaurus (Lovefingers Bathhouse Odyssey) Mildlife 240 Chez Moi (Spray’s Witching Hour Mix) CC:DISCO! 241 Triangular Dance Los Ninos Del Parque 242 Love (Original Mix) Dad Of The Year 243 Oxygen (Ruf Dug Remix) JIM 244 Play Sitar Feller 245 Should Sleep (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) Moby ft. J.P Bimeni 246 Whodunit [Original Mix] Nightmares On Wax 247 Duncan Gray - Walrus 248 A CERTAIN RATIO - SHACK UP PK bootleg 249 Afrika Afrika (John Talabot & Pional ‘Lost Scripts’ Rerub) Ekambi Brillant 250 Mare A Mare - Sequenza Version (Irene Dresel Remix) Sequenza Extended


My Typography OCD is hitting hard, :face_with_peeking_eye:


Mildlife - Return To Centaurus (Lovefingers Bathhouse Odyssey)

Jonny Nash - Point of Entry
Moundabout - An Cnoc Mór
Maya Ongaku - Approach to Anima
Other Lands - Ruminant Fire

Hydroplane - Selected Songs 1997-2003
Tolerance - Divin
Enno Velthuys - Landscapes In Thin Air
Ståålfågel - Utan Rymddräkt På Uranus
Anymus - Expander (Stroom)

Abel - Surfing in Kansas Vol 5
Coyote Special Editions Vol 2 (Magic Wand)
Jonny Rock / Old School Rider - Strange Rock


Don’t know if I should admit to this but, out of all the no doubt excellent stuff on these lists, The Beatles track is the only one I think i’ve heard. Hats off to all you people who are out there relentlessly turning over stones and finding new music.
The only new thing i’ve bought this year is the J.I.M album, Love Makes Magic. It’s brilliant, so i guess that’s my Best Of 2023.
(Perhaps i’m on the wrong forum).


That’s a seriously good list :flushed:

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ALBUMS (… my significant other could tolerate)
Carlos Niño & Friends – (I’m just) Chillin’, on Fire
Diddy – The Love Album: Off The Grid
Barry Can’t Swim – When Will We Land?

TWELVES (for the floor)
Humus Per Tutti #2
Moving Still Disco Arabesquo
Spray Orchestra / Max Manuel Reissue

Chop “Fantasy”
Personal Sauveur “Levorotatory”
DJ Absolutely Shit “Chaos Is A Ladder”

Gonzo Goa - Party Music 87’- 94
La Face B Du Rêve (french boogie)
The Beat By DJ Spun (westcoast rave)

Bar Part Time had a couple great ones recently (Dirty Dave, Lloydski, Universal Cave)


Have only really been listening to albums so no 12’s in my list:

Prins emanuel - diaganol musik II
Maya ongaku - approach to anima
Anthony naples - orbs
Blue lake - sun arcs
DJ Panthr - jade district
Masahiro Takahashi - Humid Sun
Purelink - signs
Gigi-Masin & Rod-Modell– Red Hair Girl At The Lighthouse Beach


Headache – The Head Hurts But The Heart Knows The Truth
Special Request – What Time Is Love Sessions
Goat (JN) – Joy In Fear
V/Z – Suono Assente
Julius Eastman – Femenine
ML Buch – Suntub
Lil Yachty – Lets Start Here
Jonnine – Maritz
James Holden – Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities
Mark William Lewis – Living
Anthony Naples – Orbs
Andre 3000 – New Blue Sun
The Air Music International – Pass The Santa Lucia Gate In Manila
DJ Bone - Further
Various - Aficionado 25

There’s a couple of reissues in there and a comp


Quality not quantity.

Just listened to some of the Froid Dub stuff, really nice.


Nice one for picking this out. Very much into it, 7 inches not so much…


Orbs and Signs are brill.

It’s definitely been an album orientated year for me too. Too many 12’s to trawl through these days.