Bangkok - Tips & Places To Go

Heading there in a couple of weeks and was hoping for some tips on where to eat and drink. Street food, fancy resturants, cool bars and maybe even clubs


Where to start, such a great place…

So weed is legal (for the meantime) if that is something of interest, loads of dispensaries.

Food wise, check this guy out, once you get over his schtick he has solid recommendations:

Jai Fai has a star for her crab omelette, mega busy though. Mark Weins has lots of Bangkok guides on his channel too.

Chinatown has loads of great seafood.

Check out this if you have time at the weekend
15000 stalls incredible food stalls too.
Practically everything there. Spend a day. I got a load of crockery there handmade.

You can get lost in it so much on offer

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Siam Soul Club for parties

Check Transport too

@Sonny is your man for all things Bangkok.


I would advise staying in the Phra Nakhon district. There’s plenty of nice boutique hotels around (feel free to pm for recommendations) the area and it’s full of amazing street food - some suggestions to follow.

Zudrangma Records is worth a visit , maybe the most expensive record shop i’ve ever been in but full of stuff you’ll not find anywhere else

owned by some friends of friends. lovely place:

Nana night club :grimacing:

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Fortune Town for crate digging. Old school shopping mall. A bunch of record shops in there, some great second hand ones.

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Just bought tickets for Transport’s next gig with FFAN playing. On my last night so should be a good send off

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Lots and lots of stuff going on here in Bangkok:

Dodgy clubs, vinyl bars, second-hand record shops, outdoor festivals, temples and street food

Depends on where you are staying, i can then recommend some closer areas. Traffic can be underwhelming and you could be rip-off by a tuk-tuk driver.

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Phrom Phong is our closest train station for when we land. We haven’t booked anywhere for the couple of days after arriving back from the south

Great area.

Zudrang Records is not far away, but you should check out second-hand record shops at Fortune Town (3rd floor). Prices are reasonable. Need a few hours as they are not properly organized.

Entertainment Project

Vinyl listening bar
Freaking Out The Neighborhood

Modern-Day Culture

Bungkumhouse Records

Street foods - good hiding spots are in the Soi (sub-street, not the main)


Haha, we usually stay in the Nana Hotel above, when daughter was tiny we arrived and went for a beer in the club early evening, one of the ladies took her and passed her around for about 15 minutes, she’s fair and they loved her to bits. Mrs was a bit freaked. :rofl:


Arrival tips: Avoid queues, use the VIP/business class immigration lane. If you want to get into the city quickly by taxi, once out of baggage reclaim go up 2 floors to departures, then head outside, cross over the road to the taxis dropping people off and jump in a recently vacated one.

Unless he/she shares your passion for music and/or electronics don’t take your better half to Fortune Town as they’ll be bored senseless.


I want to go to Bangkok now.


We went to Rome when my oldest was a baby, we went out for dinner but he started crying, so the waiters all just passed him around the kitchen for a bit so we could eat. People are ace.


Particularly Italians and Thais, they love kids, so nice as you say.

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My daughter was 4 yrs old at hostal le torre she had a little battery propeller fan and it got tangled up in her hair :roll_eyes: everyone including the granny in the kitchen came over to help and it took ages… This was a few years before it was sold to the mambo group. Food was great but the music was just random cds playing on repeat

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