Are You Producing Music Post Links Here So We Can Hear It

PMd you with link

Yes - top stuff.

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Personally I’d get into doing it yourself. The mix is very much your sonic identity and what is right / wrong is very subjective in many ways and to hand that over to a third party (especially if you’re not in the room) might get you a ‘pro’ sounding mix but not what you had in your head.

I’d rather hear a rough raw self mixed production than an over produced track any day of the week x


Do you mind if I could cop that off you too please?

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Yeah intrigued here too if you don’t mind

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PMd you with link

He’s worth a follow on IG he’s always posting really useful info


Would hardly call it a ‘production’ but this was a very quick and dirty edit in Audacity of ‘Lies’ by GQ that I did - primarily to emulate the one from the James Murphy & Pat Mahoney Fabriclive mix - never done one before but thought I’d give it a go:

Free to a good home …


Nice, I love that track. Was never too crazy about the Theo Parrish edit, though, amazingly enough…

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I hadn’t even realised his edit existed - just listened to it - I now feel like quite the charlatan … maybe that was the version they used even though it wasn’t credited as such?

Probably. It was big.

I liked yours better, I think.

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I may have still been listening to Panic at the Disco in 2008 - I was a late bloomer, musically speaking :grimacing:

There’s a really good edit of Lenny Williams on there that they don’t credit either, just tracked it down the other week

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May not be the right thread for it, if so let me know - but…

I have recently started producing again after a good three years away from it. During that time I sold my MIDI controller and the other bits of kit I had, and no longer have access to all the sample packs and plug-ins I had before. Essentially, I’m starting again from scratch.

I’ve finally bought myself Ableton rather than trying to find a cracked version of it and I’m really keen on getting myself set up properly, although I am restricted by budget.

With the above in mind, I have a few Qs…

What does TP recommend MIDI controller wise? The cheaper the better, but I would like something that is built well and doesn’t feel too cheap/plastic-y.

Where is good for sample packs these days?

Anything that you would recommend doing/buying/installing now, considering I have got a clean slate to work with?

Thanks in advance

What’s your needs re midi controller?

I use an Arturia MiniLab which has 25 keys, 8 pads and 16 knobs. The build quality is decent for the price (think it was around £80) and I take all over the place with me in my backpack and it’s still going strong. It’s next on my list to upgrade, mainly it’s limiting with the 25 keys and lack of connectivity. I will still use it when out and about.
I also have an Akai MidiMix which is great for live mixing, has a decent build and is cheap (around £70-80). Again, very good as a portable option to have.

Don’t really use sample packs, so can’t help you there.

It’s always worth checking out the current deals at plugin boutique.

Do you need a full 88 key controller?

Anything in the arturia “lab” series is well built and will suit you well, especially if you can find one used.

My new release on Bandcamp (free Download)

Elkipsis is a journey into my love of electronic and sample-based music production. Nine minutes of eclectic dubbed out samples and deep house beats, fused together with jazz-style drums. The track transcends styles and BPM’s. There’s more than a nod to some of my favourite electronic music producers. Expect to hear samples from the likes of Gobor Szabo, Sun Ra and Sun Ra Orkestra.

This thread for gear and production bits

F9 Audio for samples.

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Very excited to have announced my next LP, coming out in just two weeks! Not a dancefloor record, but a labour of love that took me four years to make, and expresses a lot of the ups and downs that I went through during those four years.

Three singles are already out, and the whole thing is out, as mentioned, in two weeks!


Good for drums- the ‘all drums’ pack is best value way to go.

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I like these guys a lot