Are You Producing Music Post Links Here So We Can Hear It

High fives!

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Finally managed to get my ass back in the studio on a consistent level over the last month, after a really, really long hiatus (probably a year and a half…). Released an EP today. More to come. :muscle:t3:


After a busy year, it feels good to have this last EP for 2023 out in the world. Thanks to all of you who’ve listened this year :slight_smile:


Something I have been working on. Early 90’s Italo dream house vibe. First draft, not quite finished, just trying out the main bits.


Like that a lot. I’ve got a similar project I’ve been trying to wrap up since April. 2024 hopefully. Good luck with yours. Sounding nice.

New to posting on the forum, starting to explore some threads and thought this was a good place to start for introductions. I think I know a few people here already.

I run I Travel to You, a label out of Norwich, this is the third vinyl release. They’re not both strictly edits - maybe A side is a cover, or version etc, unsure what to call them at the moment. More on the way. :wave:


Love that Rainy Summer track, hadn’t heard it before
great mix of (DX?) chords and lower synth/bass parts