Andrew Weatherall

Can’t believe it’s been one year already. I saw him and Denise Johnson at the Neu Reekie event April 2019. Hard to fathom that would be the last time I’d see either of them and both taken so young at 56…

I’ll raise a glass tonight :black_heart:


Yes it felt odd that it is a year already. He had a mad influence on my young ears. Our little lot from Orpington loved him. He was always the one to play something that you’d be like ‘what the fuck is this???’

I am sure many of you know this but the Weatherdrive project is a fantastic piece of work pulling together tons of mixes.


Amazing thanks Paul for the link!

Thanks for posting the link.

Still hard to take in…

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A year since the great man passed. Read so many beautiful tributes in the following weeks. Miss his NTS show loads. I loved that September pilgrimage to the castle and hope they manage to continue somehow. Nicest crowd ever. Hearing this out in 2014 for the first time in 20 years was facemelting. What were your faves?


Remember the night a year ago, like it was yesterday, where I was and how many other days a year ago can we remember like that? Worth every tribute to him, Andrew you made so much difference doing it your own way. Nice one @J_C for making the remembrance


Glad that we can still access to his NTS archives…


I was on a sunbed in Spain almost a year ago to the hour, when I received a message from Farley. Just remember feeling numb.

God bless Andrew x


This show is back on as well


1 year already seems crazy. A true musical hero of mine.

Currently reading the book that Jockey Slut put together. Well worth a purchase and for great causes too.


A truly sad day. But just like Obi Wan his power grows stronger every day.

Today sees the release of a cover of New Order’s In A Lonely Place by the Sons of Slough (Andrew’s brother Ian and Duncan Gray). Remixes by Keith Tenniswood, Sean Johnstone and David Holmes. All proceeds to Andrew’s charities.

Deets here :



can’t believe it’s been a year. a party that still sticks out is seeing him in croatia at the old garden (petrcane) and playing in the old barbarellas (sweat box). I went up to say thanks and ask him what the record was, I couldn’t hear him so he turned down the volume in the whole club so I could.


The best kind of tribute. A new tune to expand the mind.



I worked as a VJ for the great man many moons ago and he gave me this CD. I’ve just uploaded it. Not sure it exists anywhere else, not that that is important. It is unmixed and very eclectic. It reminds me of when we travelled on mini UK tours in this small van and He would sit up front and just pop CD after CD into the player and we young uns would sit in the back smokin and farting and getting our minds softly blown. RIP
[Mixcloud](https://mix part 2)
[Mixcloud](https://mix part 1)


I was as upset as anyone else that day. I’d never seen a reaction online like that to anyone’s passing. Justin Robertson posted a beautiful tribute on FB earlier. I think AW’s close associates have taken the baton and want to keep the spirit alive (Sean’s show is really good) but keeping the community together will be a challenge at a time when the music scene has really been squeezed. Maybe one for another thread but where is everything heading next?


Yes Justin’s post on Instagram. Beautiful :black_heart:


Reading the jockey slut book reminded me of this. Can’t believe it’s been a year. Wonder what he would have made of the current crisis.


One day on old mate turned up in a big van to my parents house. Lee was now working for Pinnacle Distibution, he was in the area and thought he’d call in. He handed me a bunch of records, the only one of which I remember was Screamadelica.
That record ultimately changed the course of my life, from the work I did, to the people I met, to the music I listened to.
Andrew Weatherall was one of those souls who I felt drawn to and everything he did, music, art, style, felt completely natural and at ease with itself.
A true inspiration. Sadly missed.


Losing Weatherall still feels like such a huge loss which it undoubtedly is. He could have and would have given us all so much more wonderful magic.

He was my acid house constant from my early clubbing (and post-clubbing) exploits at Back to Basics and The Orbit, through my years in Nottingham (regular spots at The Bomb and The Heavenly Social nights) and finally to the last 20 years in London Town (The Griffin, ALFOS, etc).

Thank you Lord Sabre!