3 not too hard to find records that are essential

I’ll go first.

Wilson Tanner - 69

  • just reissued and utterly sublime. Something that has been played probably once a month in its entirety since I got it, which is some going. Previous copy was destroyed so I was very pleased to get another.

Niko Tzoukmanis - Hope Is The Sister of Despair

  • another one that is essential. If you don’t have it now you’ll probably find yourself paying huge prices in the future. Just a ridiculous record that gets better with every listen.

Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life

  • just an epic record that I keep on coming back to. Not sure how widely available it is but I saw a copy last week in NH which took me by surprise and made me happy at the same time. Just a brilliant piece of music.



Hadn’t heard this, sounding super nice.

Lovely now what are yours?

Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat

Very personal one this as it’s the last record I’d bought before my whole life fell apart a few years back. Only got round to listening to it some months later after the darkest period in my life and the feels it still gives me to this day are huge. Right record at the right time.

Japanese Synchro System - Check It, Spread It

Heard this out (C2 mix) and had to find out what it was. Sounded amazing out loud and still love both the original & Carl Craig mix to this day, albeit pitched down for the latter.

Batsumi - Batsumi

Thanks to Matsuli for this reissue to make it not too hard (or expensive) to find. I know I will still be listening to this when/if I’m 100 years old.


Mikael Nordfors - Eternal Voyage
On discogs from 4 euro. It’s a one tracker but “In The Forest” is a beauty. Real hardcore new age! Not made by an aussie hipster this is the real deal. Nordfors has been banned from being a doctor in Denmark, Norway and Sweden because of his non scientific methods. He is known for his anal massage treatment (true story!) and has together with his daughter led the anti-vax demonstrations in Sweden in the past year. New age warrior style.

Björn J:son Lindh - Atlantis
On discogs from 1 euro. Transea is the tune here. Total new age journey from the jazzfunk flutist. Björn was just great with something interesting on most of his records. Far from Nordfors hardcore stance but equally great.

Thomas Almqvist - Unknown Tracks
Actually 12 euro on discogs which was quite surprising as it’s a 1 euro bin staple over here. Almqvist is mostly known for his “Nyanser” LP which is great but not so cheap anymore. This later effort has got at least three (depends on how much cheesyness you can take) downtempo balearic beauties. Not all out new age but damn close.

Three cheap but great and easily accessible swedish new age-y classics.


got me with this one. went straight to discogs and ordered the only US copy i could find (and some other stuff too).

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It’s a beauty. Enjoy

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I love that Baltic Beat album. Glad you’re on the other side.

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Cheers mate.

Television Marquee Moon- although the thousand math rocks that this birthed are often kind of sterile or lodged in their own anal cavities, this albums is NEVER that. Just serpentine interlocking guitars and profound words.

Miles Davis My Funny Valentine- there’s a 70s pressing of this that still goes for not much coin and loses not much of the sonic luster of the early pressings and damn talk about a man on fire this was a whole BAND on fire.

Mandrill Mandrilland- the Sandinista of polyglot soul albums. A must have for House of Wood alone.


I don’t own Marquee Moon, will rectify this weekend.


Sub-Culture ‘Dreams’

As good as the other one by him under this name that everyone loves and also has a genius tribal track on it.

Joni Mitchell ‘Hissing of Summer Lawns’

Every home should have one.

Debussy ‘Danse Sacree Et Danse Profane’

The whole thing is so good but when the chords hit at five minutes in it’s amazing.


I just looked up Mr Nordfors, sweet Jesus I’d call him a character if that wasn’t just utterly insane.

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Yeah when New Age goes wrong it’s all out craziness.

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This is :fire:

Hayden Andre has a special place in my heart for making “The Voyage” one of those records I discovered right before the dawn of Shazam and absolutely tortured myself trying to identify. Thank you to some Italian guy who ID’d it in the YouTube comments of a mix. Some day I’ll meet you on the astral plane and buy you a drink.

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He definitely sticks his tongue out when he’s typing with one finger.

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I think this one is up there with that one but gets massively overlooked. I bought the remixes of the Voyage recently. Pretty much exactly the same as the original but does come with an accapella. I didn’t even know they existed tbh.

in the pacific NW suburb i was raised in, i’m pretty sure this album came standard with new construction homes (along with the big silver pioneer hi-fi and a copy of “sweet baby james”). the divorced moms would silently crash the neighborhood with kids in tow and plenty of chardonnay. we’d size each other up on BMX bikes and sort out the pecking order.

beautiful record though, possibly my favorite joni.


Thank you for the heads up on the Wilson Tanner reissue! I’ve been wanting that for a while now.

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