12 Inches of Disco Pleasure

The Disco 12 Inch, one of mankind’s crowning achievements! I absolutely love disco and own a fair amount on vinyl, but am always learning and discovering new things, hopefully we can collectively increase our knowledge here.

What are you favourite Disco 12 Inches? Doesn’t have to be something super rare or unknown, just something that you own and love. I’ll start with three that come to mind immediately.

You’ll find a Youtube playlist with all of the tunes here, thank you to @specialdiscoversion for creating it!

Edgar Winter - Above and Beyond
A Tom Moulton Masterclass, goes from countrified yacht pop funk to seriously out-there space disco and back again in six and a half minutes. I’d not heard of this until I picked it up in a job lot a couple of years ago, now never leaves the box. I’m sure I recognise the spacey bit from being sampled in some Idjut type thing, I’m sure someone will know.

Udell - Won’t You Try
Another Tom Moulton production, this one a bit less out there and a bit more of the classic disco blend of longing and melancholy. I love the arrangement on this with vocals at the start and end and a super long instrumental break in the middle.

Change - Searching (For the B Side: Angel In My Pocket)
I first heard this on the Larry Levan Live at the Paradise Garage compilation where he plays out the intro, then cuts back to the start and repeats it just as the vocals are about to come in, genius! Classic pumping disco from Italy, cheap to pick up too!


Another tom moulton blinder here


obvious but an old fave


I’m going to have to look this out for a listen now!

A treasured possession.

Nothing but greatness here.

This might be the best mixed and engineered 12” I own. It is totally alive and produces chills every time I put it on.

Shout out to super slow disco. Bought this in a dude’s basement in Queens who wouldn’t let us use his bathroom but kindly offered an empty milk jug to relieve myself in. We well worth it to get this and Serious Sirius Space Party for a dollar.

When this breaks in to T Ski Valley it’s like a candy bar inside your candy bar.


That Hollies one is new to me, maybe there needs to be a seperate thread of disco bombs from unlikely artists, such as this bargain bin monster!


this is great- and been reissued recently


Another $1 favorite. Not sure why it needs a reissue when it’s so cheap and plentiful but it’s a banger.

This does it for me…


Will never get enough of this mid-tempo groover. That bass riff! :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart:


like so many great disco/funk records- cheap and plentiful in the states but pretty pricey here in Blighty

Yessir. I paid for/traded for a lot of records by reading the uk rare groove mailing lists and combing the nyc flea markets.


The b side wins again.

West End is endless

Production values on a hundred thousand million.

A little tape editing goes a long way…


Obvious but deserves a mention I think:


Primordial ooze

Perfect top line vocal perfect production

Not subtle but sublime.


The harp is the icing on the cake here:


Disco is anything you play in a discotheque. A discotheque is anywhere people gather to dance to records.

On a big system this explodes. I was having a really shitty day once and Kool DJ Red Alert did doubles of this on the radio and I wasn’t having a shitty day anymore.

The day this stops giving me big big feelings I’m ready to be put out to pasture.


“And roller skates (roller skates)…”

Dalé! Webo!

Will still sound like the future in a thousand years.


Couple of synthy french ones… don’t think they were released on 12" though, sorry for breaking the rules.


Patrick Adams!