12 Inches of Disco Pleasure

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Coming off something uptempo or super percussive this one feels amazing.

Sly/Robbie/Larry/Gwen, can’t be faded.

I’ve got a tape of Sir Franklin of Knuckles at the Warehouse where he brings this in at the break (3:52). I do the same (poorly). I can barely remember what the first part of the song sounds like but maaaaan coming out of any other song with a “love” lyric this feels amazing.


I apologize, it’s a cold gray day here and this thread is helping me cope while my children throw things down the stairs :joy:. I’ll stop, soon…

Thank you, one more french LP cut then :smiley:


Fairly certain that English is not Rod’s first language, but he’s fluent in disco.

Sophisticated but far from soulless.

My roommate was walking down the street one day when two older Chelsea clones came up to him and asked him if he liked disco records and he replied “no but my friend does.” They gave him a crate with this and about 30 other stone cold darts in it (for free!!). To me this song epitomizes everything that makes disco dope- it’s a vehicle for shared emotional experiences.

A good friend of mine is a wandering Nigerian man. He will show up from out of town with no notice and disappear with equal stealth. One day he showed up at my crib with two large suitcases. We kicked it hard for a week and he vanished. I got home from work and realized that while my friend was gone the two big suitcases were still there. My house was kind of a rooming house for wayward hip hop kids- however many people lived there officially, it was not unusual for seven or 10 people to be occupying the space at any given time. For a couple of days people were respectful and left the suitcases alone. As days turned into weeks and we had no idea if homeboy was coming back, someone finally decided that the suitcases needed to be opened. The first one was filled with what I can only describe as costumes – dozens of pairs of sunglasses, lots of funny hats etc. The second suitcase contained maybe two dozen Nigerian pressing fela records and a copy of sweet exorcist. This was at a time when I was keeping it very very real for underground rap music, but I was also making beats and increasingly aware of how embarrassingly circumscribed the music knowledge of most rap fans really was. Putting on Shakara and sweet exorcist became an every day thing, and when homeboy showed back up one day as if he had been gone at the store for 20 minutes I nutted up and traded in a ton of breakbeats that I really didn’t need and started a quest to get a copy of every record in the suitcase.


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I have a soft spot for records like this and Toney Lee’s “Reach Up” that are equally at home on the dance floor or on the dusties station while you mob across the Bay or LA in a friend’s automobile. Another one I was put on to via a Warehouse tape.

This song is cooler than I’ll ever be. I once heard it blended with “Whistle Song” at either shelter or body and soul when I was considerably less sober than I am these days and I briefly levitated.

Chelsea Flea Market rule #4083- if it’s a dollar and it says “Prelude” “West End” “Sleeping Bag” etc you copped it. Sometimes you wound up with a new favorite record.


Top ten song, top ten 12” pressing, number one hype sticker. That little donut dog has adorns my slipmats, a hoody I silk screened, and a pink t shirt I made for my kids. I can’t hear this without thinking of Busta, Sadat X and Zev Love X rapping, because before I ever heard this on its own I played the KMD “Nitty Gritty” remix ten zillion times. IMO Busta took the crown.


Here’s a few I’ve pulled out in the 115-117bpm range…

Perfect for a boat party. Don’t play the wrong side though as it misses the crazy samba drum breakdown.

How I wish I could have gone to the loft…

Double feature!

Heavy, heavy drums!

Go from 1:25 for some crazy vocoder action…

Works an absolute treat if you have any French speakers in!


Now it’s time for MY PayPal balance to diminish.

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Imagine a few of the reissue boys are hanging thier noses over this one, rightly so !

If you’re gonna do a 12 inch you might aswell use up the the entire side.

For as long as i can remember i’ve heard talk about whether the 7 inch mix or the 12 inch mix is the one to play. It essentially boils down to if you identify as a soulboy or as a discoman. I know where i stand!

Perhaps my fave Larry mix (tough to choose) and a perfect example that intensity does not need a higher tempo, killer midtempo dancer.

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Always seemed a bit underrated.

Type of record i like to hear 4.30 in the morning dancing and crying. (These days i´m just asleep as the rest of you but one can dream right)

Odd cheapo that is so deep.


This is so good. And such a great moment when it comes out of Alponse Mouzon´s Get on Down on Mark Seven´s Salute vol 1


Way too many to mention, but here’s one:


Here´s a few where the 12 inch mix is a must compared to the LP or 7 inch. First one is easily in my top ten disco tunes of all time.

How good is this.

Extended disco mix 1975 style and an essential classic.


Patrice Rushen - Haven’t you heard. Too frantic at original tempo though, around -6 does it for me.


One of my favorites.