Your favourite and/or most random pieces of music memorabilia

I have a record that Richard (Moonboots) gave to me when I left the UK years ago with Fuck Off stickers over the labels on both sides. My wife thinks it is ridiculous but it has pride of place in my home.

I also bought records from A-1 that have property of David Morales on them. Seems like it was a thing back in the day.

I also have the setlist from the Gil Scott-Heron show at Coachella that was taped to the drummers kit. Not signed or anything but still nice to have.


  1. A record autographed by Roy Ayers “to Richard Nixon”

  2. A Tommy Boy Stussy/Carhartt jacket. Unworn.

  3. An R. Crumb in store display for Atlantic jazz releases

  4. A Steelers lighter from the time I accompanied wiz Khalifa to the nfl championship.

  5. The tour riders of every rapper I booked from 95-2000.



I was seeing an old client years ago, who was also called Chris. I mentioned that I was going to Dexy’s that night, and he darts off and comes back and gives me this… and no, it’s not hung up in our house :rofl:


This is my favourite promo item. Daydreaming video player from Massive Attack.


I started and ran a clubnight in Manchester with Marcus Intalex. We played golf one day (before he launched his Trevino alias) and he was playing a mix of house and techno stuff & he gave me the cd with ‘self 7’ scribbled on.


What an absolute gent he was. RIP.

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Those tour riders must be super interesting.

My partner and I wanted to make them anonymous and publish them but it would still piss off too many people. Suffice to say I have subsidized the purchase of MANY condoms and blunts for some of the greatest rappers of all time.


I have a signed copy of Fox Base Alpha by St Etienne.

Not signed by them though. They were doing an instore promotion at HMV Liverpool in the early 90’s, I took my copy of the album down to get signed.

However, I got my days mixed up and cartoon pop icon Betty Boo was there instead.

I still got her to sign it anyway, she looked well miffed.


I still have my vhs copy of Beat Street that i lent to Tom Middleton and he sampled for the Jedi Knights LP. Not sure i have the vhs of Krush Groove and note he sent me by way of apology for keeping it so long.


For this?

I like St Etienne but my teenage self would have much preferred to meet Betty Boo :heart_eyes:



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SC is lovely but i prefer olive skinned brunettes