You Got The Love

Is this really the original version of You Got the Love?

Apparently from 1984, so 2 years before the Source version, but also written by the guy from the Source. Anyone out there who knows?


No idea but her voice has just broken my ears


definitely only on nodding terms with the correct key at times


Sometimes with these private press recordings from the 80’s I wonder if it’s the singer or the analog synths that are oscillating in tune…

probably both

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Wow. That’s amazing. Is she like 12 or something?

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The writing credit on the 7" featured is A.Stephens, referring to Anthony B. Stephens who wrote the song along with the trio of writers known as The Source. Whether or not he licensed it out to a novice is highly dubious!

Something about this doesn’t sound right, and I’m referring to whether it’s legit or not. Kinda sounds like a modern(made to sound old) ting.