You Got Me Lurve Dancin

Anyone meet their SO, SWMBO, HWMBO, Better Half through a shared love of all things HOUSE? I’d love to hear your stories.

Any fellow singletons in, married to their signed promo of “Is It All Over My Face”?

Basically, does anyone fancy a date with a man in his early 50s with a flexible spine and the entire ‘West End Records’ back catalogue?


I met my wife when i started going to the Northern Soul nights she was running at the time.


Met my wife at an Easy Listening night in 97. Neither of us where into that particular (short lived) scene and had just gone along with friends. In fact my wife doesn’t really like nightclubs, even back then when she was younger she could take or leave them (and would rather leave them).

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Met my wife at a blog house weekly I ran with some friends. Earlier in the day I’d heard her on the radio telling the presenter about it being cool so tracked her down and bought her a terrible glass (see-through plastic cup) of room temp white wine to say thanks.


Met my wife at an Indie club during the Britpop era, she was a massive Blur fan and I was right into my techno. We’re still together 20+ years later and still total opposites.



Fair to say we have learned to live with each other’s music. The Venn diagram of our musical lives demonstrates minimal crossover to say the least.

She’s super passionate about music and a great singer and musician but for some reason is yet to show an interest in the arcane details of house or balearic music. I’ll keep trying to convince her.

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Met my wife on the Faith dancefloor in 2005 when she challenged me to a dance-off. She was out with Barry Mooncult, which made for an interesting night…:rofl:


One of the most spectacular moments / turning points in my life was on a dancefloor in 2000 with Miles Hollway from Paper Recordings on the decks and Annie’s The Greatest Hit playing. I was with my gf (now wife) and we both looked at each other and expressed our love for the first time. No E’s were involved! It was just a spontaneous outburst that had been building for a while. I was fortunate enough to have asked permission to record the set onto my Minidisk recorder and still have Mile’s set from that night. He come back to our place the next day and we tagged his bag with a Toko stencil we had made (I think we got his bag). Anyway, very memorable night for me.


Met my girlfriend on the dancefloor at Corsica Studios for an allnighter with A Love From Outer Space. She doesn’t like nightclubs (or electronic music at all really) and was only there because it was the closest club to where she lived at the time. Musically speaking, we’re complete opposites. She’s not a music head at all. I’m only going to get worse and delve deeper with age.


Mine is like a Jimmy Mcgovern 3 part series and to long to post about here. Old friends but she went new age hippy, dreads, scummy hard drugs scene that came with all that, off hard drugs, pregnant by ex partner who got 12 years before kid was born, I’ve known her and ex for years they broke up 2 Yr into his sentence, I invited her to a mutual friends wedding and 20 yrs later stil together two girls 22yr old and 14 Yr old, eldest girl biological father died few months ago, he never caused any hassle when released and they made contact when she turned 18 so we never had any problems… Music she’s more into live gigs than clubs, huge fan of John Prine, early Neil Young , Cohen… Been to alot more live gigs than club nights, best go clubbing with mates I always prefer. No waiting outside girls loo, no holding stuff, no come out for cig with me, no this fella keeps rubbing off me. ect ect


I met my wonderful wife at a Northern Soul night. A friend(who often played at those nights) and myself were passing a night that was on, and just off the cuff popped in to say quick hello’s to a few people. She wasted no time at all on chatting me up. She comes from a Mod/Northern Soul background, so mainly 60’s sounds back then, and I’m rare groove, jazz and house etc. Over the years it has been a great pleasure sharing all my music with her. We share almost exactly the same taste in tunes now and most of our favourites are shared favourites, she has a great ear for good shit. For us there is nothing better than getting some cocktails flowing and having a good old music session of a weekend. Lucky me.