Women In The Dance

I haven’t got to re-reading Bill and Franks’s updated Last Night A Dj but I know they went a long way to include women that dance music history had previously overlooked. I thought it might be good to start a thread on women in dance.

I guess Yvonne Turner is an obvious place to start…




This is the kind of stuff I LOVE. Pure history. You might not have heard of Yvonne but there’s a massive chance you’ve heard her in all kinds of old records.



Words cannot express how much I love Xenas’ On The Upside. Electronic, freestyle, emotive with a soaring chorus that was prefect for the E generation.


This is exactly the kind of thing was talking about in the Youtube thread.

I’ll do the other one now… :v:

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Bill recently reposted their interview with Judy Weinstein on DJH


speaking of NYC judy’s - judy russell was hella house and back when i was working in dance stores, her once-a-week sales calls from downtown 161 were highlights, every time. she’s pitch, dish, talk shit and sell - and she’d remember all the previous conversations. i’d act like i was gonna pass on something and she’d be like “you ended up buying 40 of the last one on this label!”.


I used to speak to her about Frankie knuckles. She was quite formidable but well alright. Firm but fair

We used to constantly phone her at Flying to deal direct but she was adamant we had to go through Greyhound and other UK distributors. The pound against the dollar at that time was so strong too. Judy would always refuse she certainly was a tour de force back then. Im sure JP at junkies dealt direct but she would never tell us.


I knew her quite well as we were Frankie’s London promoters for many years.
She gave us a few gigs at their Def Mix branded events at Pacha etc and even a warm up at their 20th anniversary party which was a massive honour.
We had quite a jokey relationship but i know she scared the pants off a lot of people!


She defo scared me :joy:

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Gladys Pizarro has to be worth a mention


Also…Saskia Slegers aka Miss Djax.
Not sure how well known she is these days or whether she’s ever received the recognition her contribution would expect. Hugely important in bridging the gap between Europe and the US in the techno/house world and bringing so many legendary artists to wider attention. The Djax catalogue is nuts!


Has anyone read this yet? I have a pile of unread books next to the bed that is now bigger than my bedside lamp so haven’t got round to buying yet


Ahhh I was just trying to remember the name of that book! :slight_smile: Will add to the list.

Also this looks great: Re-Sisters by Cosey Fanni Tutti review – take three outsider women | Biography books | The Guardian

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Also this: https://www.faber.co.uk/product/9780571366033-dance-your-way-home/

Less dance and more early electronic music. But reminds me I still need to watch this.


I haven’t yet, but someone I know, who is a Haç veteran, said it’s the best book on it that he’s ever read.

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K-Hand, gone too soon.


Cinthie and everything she plays and produces

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