WNTD basic channel dj set / live recordings

does anyone have any basic channel recordings of live sets or radio shows etc from early 1990s? do they even exist?

there’s one or two pics of mark and moritz standing behind live gear on discogs, so i assume they were playing records at that time. and i’d love to hear it. to hear how those records and tracks were used at the time.

i guess other recordings with BC stuff in it from early 1990s also welcome, but don’t want to get too off topic here.

any help with sourcing this sort of stuff greatly appreciated.


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I’ve got some Rhythm & Sound reggae and dub DJ sets if anyone wants them.

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Rhythm & Sound @ Paxahau Parts 1 - 3
Moritz Von Oswald With Tikiman - Live In Moscow 11.04.08

This link is good for 24 hours. Fill your boots everyone.


Nice. Thanks for posting that. Ill download and have a listen!

Thanks again.

Thank you!


Here you go @studio_joel

2 x live and 2 x fan mixes.

The greatest dub techno mix in the world is pretty good except for the inclusion of 2 tracks on Main street that jar horribly.


Spot on. Thanks.

Thanks for those, downloading now and looking forward to having a listen.

Did you ever get to see them live?

Cheers, j.

Love this from an old Deep Dish mix before they put on the trance trousers.

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Recent randomness… A few months back my partner told me he had hired a young woman to work for him. A few weeks into her employment while they were walking to the train station, she was carrying a Hard Wax tote bag. He mentioned it to her and she said, “Oh yeah, my Dad owns the place” I asked her last name… Ernestus.

She didn’t last long, he had to let her go for not showing up to work haha.


the last couple times I’ve seen Mark and tikiman play here in Berlin were hilarious, they just did a kind of live dub radio show format thing, free style with wild echo and delay on the announcements :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
*I think Moritz had a stroke a while back? or some type of severe health thing, the few projects Ive heard him play with here were full ambient orchestral modern classical shows

Nice story on marks daughter wih the hardwax bag.

Yeah, i know theyve both gone in different directilms now, and still play out, ive seen moritz twice, but im really interested in the much harder earlwir techno stuff, or even the chain reaction experimental side too, as ita quite hard to come across anything that situates that at the time it was made, what it was played alongside, mixed into etc.

Basic Channel / Rhythm & Sound essentially invented and perfected dub techno at the same time. Sure, there’s a lot of very nice dub techno around but they pretty much rendered it redundant before anyone else made another record.


Agree here. I’ve tried to find other things but nothing comes close. There something special about the quality of the space between their notes.

However I am frequently tempted by this but never quite get round to purchasing

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Shinichi Atobe might be an exception to my grand sweeping statement (probably loads more tbh), but I think of him as part of the Basic Channel world anyway.

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just read this sentence, “… Basic Channel did their 3 live performances there, of the 6 in total that they ever did. It was a great time.” it’s in an interview with Rene lowe (VAINQUEUR).

I wonder if there are recordings of those sets out there somewhere.

This sounds great - new club in Germany which Mark has helped design. Om Unit is playing this weekend:


Open Ground strives for a great sound-system music experience - in an inclusive, respectful club environment. Committed to originality, independence and expanding horizons.

A team of locals and internationals around Markus Riedel, consulting with Mark Ernestus, music producer and founder of Hard Wax. Markus was core staff at Hard Wax in Berlin from the beginning until 2008, when he moved back to his native town Wuppertal.

Six meters underground in a converted bunker right in front of the main train station in Wuppertal – a formerly industrial city of 350.000 in the heart of NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany’s most populated region with 18 million people, and with Brussels, Amsterdam or Frankfurt within 250 km.

Max. capacity 1.200.
Two rooms – both acoustically designed for free field simulation allowing the massive 32-inch-bass Funktion One sound systems to unfold their potential:

• A spacious, acoustically treated central lobby with the main bar and an adjoining outside area.
• A backstage area with two private dressing rooms, shared catering space and convenient load-in access.
• 24/7 license.
• Food available right outside.
• Hotel, parking, train and bus stations right across the street.
• Airport distance: Düsseldorf (DUS) 41 km, Dortmund (DTM) 49 km, Köln (CGN) 58 km.