WNTD basic channel dj set / live recordings

does anyone have any basic channel recordings of live sets or radio shows etc from early 1990s? do they even exist?

there’s one or two pics of mark and moritz standing behind live gear on discogs, so i assume they were playing records at that time. and i’d love to hear it. to hear how those records and tracks were used at the time.

i guess other recordings with BC stuff in it from early 1990s also welcome, but don’t want to get too off topic here.

any help with sourcing this sort of stuff greatly appreciated.


I’ve got some Rhythm & Sound reggae and dub DJ sets if anyone wants them.

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Rhythm & Sound @ Paxahau Parts 1 - 3
Moritz Von Oswald With Tikiman - Live In Moscow 11.04.08

This link is good for 24 hours. Fill your boots everyone.


Nice. Thanks for posting that. Ill download and have a listen!

Thanks again.

Thank you!


Here you go @studio_joel

2 x live and 2 x fan mixes.

The greatest dub techno mix in the world is pretty good except for the inclusion of 2 tracks on Main street that jar horribly.