Why didn't they ever release that?

Killer remixes/versions that, for whatever reason, got left behind. Let’s also include tracks that came out on the promo only.

I’ll start with this deadly remix from Frankie. I just love everything about this - those 90’s tribal drums. Criminal that it’s never seen the light of day.

Pet Shop Boy’s- I Want A Dog (Frankie Knuckles House Mix) unreleased Reel Tape


somebody, please track down the tapes and release this:


I wonder if Greg still has the masters?

Lord of the Isles track on this one.

Not strictly unreleased (it appeared on their album), but I never understood why this didn’t get a single release:


How is there not a Blaze thread on here?


Maybe we should start one :slight_smile: .

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Think it worked as a good LP track and not sure what could have been done wtih it.

Best mix of “So Special” is the radio one, lots of times less is more. Endless remixes add nothing.

Fave Blaze is Cookie’s “Best Part of Me” just not the bloody Joey Negro mix, another thing he ruins!

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PPU released a version of this, but it’s not this one. I love the lo fi grittiness, especially the bridge section that’s missing from the PPU 12.


superb track

do you just mean on vinyl? I remember buying this on Beatport a while ago

Don’t think this ever got released?


Yeah, sorry for the confusion. Wax is what I want.

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My absolute favorite version of this song, the OG version as well. Super mellow.