Where's Music At?

Ambient Rap (Cloud Rap) is definitely a thing - late night, high grade urban chilling vibes - one for the progressives…

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Great Acid Folk Sounds from Nottingham, really polished. Sadly it seems that only him mum and his mates go to his gigs and Spotify page:


Second single from Jorgen Kjellgren on the every wonderful TSMM label ( :wink:)

Couldn’t resist a bit of shameless self promotion as usual. The latest album on TSMM dropped last week. It’s a consummately crafted, pleasantly melancholic, cosmic Americana & Ambient Folk meditation on life’s ups & downs. It really is a lovely listen, check it out if you need some company.


There’s been some great electronic music recently, here’s a few crackers:

If you need a sedentary soundscape to soundtrack your day of rest page turning & frequent trips to the kitchen, or some Sunday escapism before the daily drudgery resumes tomorrow, then dust off your space pod & reach for the stars with the low gravity ambient, deep space dub & distant galaxy exploring electronica of Chicago trio Purelink for Peak Oil. Return to ground control is optional.

Early underground acid house tropes & deep ambient techno trips are stripped of their club purpose & put on an opiated intravenous drip until their electrocardiogram pulse is closer to the grave than the rave. Classic sounding, deeply hypnotic, electronic purity from Acid Drones via Offen, that will persuade even the most chemically active brains to admit the party is over & it’s time for bed.

As tans start to fade, the vacuum inters the last grains of well travelled sand & September opens the door for Autumn’s arrival, the soft touch, dreamy electronica & more urgent ambient house & techno strains from Shine Grooves for 100% Silk should propel you in the direction of the office, illuminate the lower lit mornings & ease the return to work angst.

I almost missed this July transmission from the ever fruitful Secret Domain ambient farm, home of tireless workers Heavenchord, Infinity Dots & others, who all seem to be pulling double shifts in the fields. Dormition is a wonderfully soft edged slice of dreamy minimalism & subtly hypnotic ambient music that will ease the return to work pain, or make the sea sparkle that bit brighter if you’re still on holiday.


This guy has made one of the Alt-Folk LPs of the year and seems to have sold 6 copies so far. Poor guy has pressed up some vinyl as well - help him out!

" Leave the house party lights behind & slip into the garden shadows. At the back, under the willow you’ll find the more unassuming invitees cross legged on the grass, leaning into Brandon De la Cruz’s lyrically ambiguous, borderline aphonic whispers wafting over his light touch guitar & subtle, sample assembled soundscapes. Alt-folk album of the year? Quite possibly."


Love this, thanks! Worth checking out Huw Bennett’s Susso project on Soundway from a few years back.

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thanks james - always grateful for your suggestions.

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