"Where Once There Were Waves- There Is Now Only Beach." Let's Talk Hairstyles

Speaking as somebody who is now hurtling towards a complete state of baldness, and limits their hair cut aspirations to a number 3 buzz cut all over, just interested in the general follicle state of other forum users. How many on here are still retaining a full head of the stuff?

Dome and bald spot now precariously close. A thinning thatch still keeps them apart… just.

I remember a similar topic came up on DJH and a very smug Michael Cook just wrote ‘baldies gonna hate’

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Been going for the Andrew Weatherall tribute hair since 2020. You save a lot on haircuts.


I recently had my long, luscious, lockdown locks trimmed for work reasons, but still sporting a full head. Even chemotherapy couldnt dislodge the follicles :rofl:


Full head of thick hair with no sign of that changing anytime soon. Number 4 back and sides, tidy up and trim on top, hot shave and nose and ear hair attacked is my go to at an old school barber.

I’m fast going grey. I love it.

My hair quickly goes out of control if not trimmed back regularly lol no danger of baldness here

I knew it was over when I stated shouting random numbers at the poor sod with the scissors. As soon as I spotted the barm cake appearing I had to whip it off, nowt worse than trying to hide it.
To be fair it’s been oddly liberating not having to worry about my bonce and getting it sorted out every few weeks. Occasionally when I catch an old picture of myself with a lovely mop I still get a sudden twinge of regret.
I cut my own hair now.
In the kitchen.
I think I’ve fucked it.


longish on top, no signs of any hair loss, just got the grey blond thing going on, sides are short. Same haircut as I had in high school when I put no product in it.

quit getting my hair cut at the beginning of lockdown, haven’t started up again. i look like the accountant for a 1%'r biker gang.


Obvs eyebrows, ears & nose. I’m always surprised they even ask.


See my avatar :slight_smile:

Currently its shorter than this but usually its some variation of that. Thankfully no sign of any loss, but the greys are more and more

I went to a Syrian barber once who threaded my face. The most painful thing that has ever happened to me, especially as I had to pretend it was totally fine.


All went early doors mid 20s, one of the best things that ever happened to me


First time someone did my eyebrows was a dark day, real “you’re not a kid anymore” moment.

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I once got a skinhead and because my hair is very light in colour, I looked like I had cancer. Never again. Considering how much hair I get in my nose and ears, my eyebrows are never a problem. I need to shave my ears every day.