Where are they now?

Was just looking at old fliers and was wondering whatever happened to this lot that were frequent visitors to South Africa back in the day.

Judge Jules - he’s a barrister now, isn’t he?
Goldie - lives in Thailand, I think.
Mark Moore - ?
Jeremy Healy - ?
Seb Fontaine - ?
Tall Paul - ?
Layo - ?
Anthony Pappa - ?
Mr C - ?


No idea if he still plays out, but I heard Jeremy Healy on Centreforce FM not that long ago. Although he was slagging TFL in the middle of a pandemic, which made me think he might be a bellend.


Layo owns the excellent Palomar restaurant. Maybe others too


Yes a bellend

He still DJ’s as saw his name on one of those shitty stuck in the past line ups recently

Mr C still DJ’s regularly

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…and Bushwacka is still DJ’ing but is also qualified and practising therapist now

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Goldie is active. He’s playing in London this Friday.

I think most of them are available on Instagram with regular updates.

Mark Moore is very active on IG and seems to be out and about - one of the nicer accounts to follow.

Seb Fontaine - the dream of the 90s is still alive? :rofl:


Classic line up, Friday nights at Turnmills.

Saw Goldie in Bruno’s caff in Soho the other week with his bezzie mate Stephen Graham.

Have met Jeremy Healy and can confirm he is a Bellend.

(Although I did pretend not to know who he was just to wind him and his entourage up)


I was going to a gig were Jeremy Healy was playing on Monday (bank holiday).
i wasn’t really interested in going as I’m not that fussed about going out these days also I’m not fussed about Jeremy Healy, but my friends called me a bore and seeing it was in a nice outside venue on a sunny bank holiday I said I’d go as I could see some friends and I guess seeing/hearing what Healy is up to could be fun. I must admit I was looking forward to it… until… the Set Times got released.
The event was started at 4 in the afternoon and finished at 11, one would think the headliner (Healy) would be on somewhere between 8 and closing at 11.
No, he was on between 5 and 7! I thought this was a piss-take, it was £20 a ticket! and the headliner is on and off before most people would even roll up for an evening out! They can get fucked, I had a moan and got my ticket refunded and went for a day out in Torquay instead.

Sorry about the moan :slight_smile:
As for Healy I believe he still DJ’s and has regular spots DJing to the posh crowd in these days, at clubs in Mayfair etc.

A wanker playing wank music to wankers. That would work on a flyer.

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After Deluxe when it was on Greyhound St few of us went back to Seb Fontaines room and can confirm he was a very nice man, quite shy and not sleazy with women.

Fittingly the venue on Greyhound St is now an award winning public toilet.

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