What you reading

Nice, thanks. Love Guerilla stuff

Absolute titan of photography.


Gift link from NYT - bittersweet story of gentrification in NYC.


A family member gifted Workers to me many years ago when I was in university and it utterly changed my perspective of people and the world. It’s also a masterclass in printing and editing.


I started the Marlon James, but didn’t get far. I’ll give it another go I think.

I have a recommend for a book that is set in Jamaica - Guy Kennaway’s 1997 book - One People. It was out-of-print for ages, but I see there’s now an Eland Classics edition available.

It’s a book of island life from the perspective of a cast of characters - young uns who are always devising some scheme to try and make some money. It’s charming and funny. Each chapter is essentially its own short story. There’s plenty of music references too. Great little book.

No future and no in the moment fun either. Savage. Poor bastards. :grimacing:


I was pretty solitary till 18 but going to univ changed everything. Was champing at bit to get out there. Students were always skint and just made the most of it. Not sure what changed? Can’t believe everyone just turned into reclusive gamers.

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Guardian Saturday supplement this weekend

Generation stay at home. To be fair everything is so expensive now.

Most of my college uni staff in the summer dont drink either. Frowned upon by this generation.

Tee Scott interview posted by Danny Wang.



Im sure the yout go out less but its one of those made up non articles based on interviewing a couple of people. Clubs now compete against big gigs / festivals which isnt staying in


This was on BBC website today as well

Coming from Sacha lord too

Nightclub closures: Cash-strapped clubbers make their nights out count Nightclub closures: Cash-strapped clubbers make their nights out count - BBC News

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Nice one, I will look out for that.

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The festival thing is huge for the late teen/20s that i can see but then my youngest and her mates all went up to Durham on Friday from all corners to see Ross From Friends.

the sad decline of Marco Carola


He did do some belters. Weird watching his contemporary sets, he looks so disconnected.

Business Techno in a nutshell


“huge in Ibiza”. instant red flag


Yeah i also thought it was a particularly vacuous/pointless article

Can you compare clubbing and festivals though? Clubbing was a weekly ritual where musical knowledge and close communities were formed, festies strict one-offs which people approach differently in every way

One of my favourite books ever. I heard it was being turned into a netflix show which I think would really work but it doesn’t seem to have materialised yet