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Great book! as are all of his others

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Live painting at Floating Point shows (sounds a bit Pink Floyd somehow)

Had naive hopes this might dig deep into Sade’s musical backstory. Instead we get yet another 1980s NME journo cliche bingo card… yuppies… working-class… sloane ranger… political sellout… Weller…


And I’d really like to read something about Sade’s musical backstory along with an accurate social history of that time period, rather than this piece.


Wow, that is really a piece of work, kind of speechless. :grimacing:

tomorrow on 6Music

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It’s even worse than Robert Elms’ novel that features a character who’s a thinly veiled version of Sade.

I may have just outed nmyself as the only person to have read Elms’ novel :roll_eyes:


I’ve read this do you mean this? I quite enjoyed it.


I’m sure there was a compilation to accompany this as well.

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There’s a novel … I assume it’s pretty autobiographical as it’s all about clothes, clubbing and ‘recreationals’ in London during the 1980s

Here it is.


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I thought Robert Elms’s book about his time in Spain in early 90s was really good, although nearly all the reference points, bars, clubs, tv, restaurants, terrorism, KU no longer exist so it does feel like a museum piece. No explicit mention of Sade who seemed to have been replaced by a Basque weather presenter. I tried to start a Twitter thread with him about the book a few years back but he didn’t engage. Never mentions that part of his life, oddly.


Robert Elms used to go out with Sade apparently.
He doesn’t like to mention it though. :roll_eyes:


Nope, I read In Search of the Crack many years ago too…

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Rarely mentions it :grinning:

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I think he’s just written a ballet score too? I do admire him

The only anecdote I remember is that when she was first on top of the pops she was living in a squat with Robert elms & they couldn’t use the toilet because it had frozen over.

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That’s no ordinary love


Like Don Letts playing reggae to the punks


Did he do that? What a geezer