What was the last record you sold?

Variation on a theme.

Mine was Brian Wilson - Smile on Rhino Records. $140 to some dude in Nebraska. I threw in the 10” double vinyl that came out as well that only plays on 78 because every record must go.


What has driven the record sale? Need the space/ cash or just had enough?

I’m useless. Sold a total of two records on Discogs, ever. Map of Africa LP and first Studio LP as had spares of both. Need to get set up again as have a growing number I’m keen to sell.

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Sold a couple of copies of the latest Balearic Blah Blah and a 7” JJC Overdubs Vol 1 in the last couple of weeks.
The Royal Mail click and collect service makes things so easy. They bring the label which is handy as our printer is kaput.

Before that it was a couple of copies of a Harvey edit over a year ago. Both went to Tyneside on the same day. Turned out the guys new each other and had been to a Harvey gig in Newcastle the night before where they heard the tune.


Needed some quick cash a couple a weeks ago after indulging in something I really should have resisted, so sold a few 12"s to Vinyl Exchange inc Weatherall’s Blue Bullet,.
I’ve never sold on Discogs, despite having an account, really need to start because i’m sick of getting jibbed by record shops.

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Raiders Of The Lost ARP - Stealing My Love / Hold On, for a whopping £3.49, on Discogs.

I’ve been selling quite a bit on there over the last few years, getting rid of stuff I’m no longer into, and using the money to mainly buy other records.

It can be a bit of a pain, packing it up and going to the post office, but it’s nice when the paypal balance goes up, and you can treat yourself to something which is maybe more pricey than you’d want to spend “real money” on.


More a realization that at least 5000 of them will never be played again and are just taking up space. Record stores have offered me a $2/piece and gotten the hump when I said no.

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I see VE are listing Blue Bullet at £25. How much did you sell it for?

I’ve got a mint unplayed copy and that’s exactly the kind of record I should be selling as I also have digital version.


Sold it with a couple of other records so it was an overall price but I wasn’t happy with what I got, especially when I saw what they were selling it for, but I needed quick money at the time.

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not all that interesting, but it’s got a dilla feature. got a big ol $10 for it, which is fine.

I take the same view. I suppose a good indicator that the equilibrium had shifted was if I ever had to actually buy a record mailer. :joy:


Honestly the one record I sold, I reused an old mailer and even that seemed like way too much effort.

Business idea: a company that comes around and packs and mails your record for you,




Sold around 30 LP comps 3 years ago as a job lot for £400.
Most of the early Mastercuts catalogue, BBE: Strange Games l & ll, Deep Funk, Soul Spectrum, Stop & Listen Vol.1, Street Sounds Edition 1 & 9, Café Del Mar 1 (with the bonus 12"), Phil Mison’s Chillout, Spiritually Ibiza l & II, JDJ After Hours and a few others I can’t remember.
Worth more individually, but hadn’t been played for over 20 years and I pretty much got back the RP + found a better home :+1:t2:


I’ve been gradually selling my collection on Discogs for the last 5 years. I have stepped up my efforts in the last year and now have about 700 listed for sale. I enjoy it as it doesn’t take too much of my time. I have about 6000 records to shift so I’ll be selling for the next 15 years I imagine. I’ve moved several times in the last 20 years and the records are always a ball-ache to move and re-house. The way I see it is there’s tonnes I never listen to, so might as well sell while they have value to someone. Once you see what the records can fetch, it becomes easier to let them go. Last record sold was My Bloody Valentine - You Made me Realise (12" EP) - £132. I still buy records :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: so try and use old mailers as much as possible


What’s your Discogs page??

Last record sold- Space Grapes 12” which went for £60 and sold in a couple hours- it has since been reissued :sunglasses::man_facepalming:t2:

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Same username as here: Muttonhernia

I sold a couple of original pressings on Space Grapes before repress too👍 good prices!

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Discogs is weird. Every once in a while I’ll get 3-4 messages out of the blue begging for a .wav of something I have. The last one was Trio Zero - Twilight as I have the Black Havana CD.

Do you send them one?

Nope. I had everything digitised and then about 3 years ago the external HD broke down and I’ve not been bothered to re-rip since.

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