What my wife calls Dad Techno, but I need to crowdsource some recommendations

Things like Red Axes, Multi Culti, some I:Cube, that sort of thing. I’m going through a phase.

Any recommendations? Melodic chuggers is possibly where this is headed.


Stuff like this?


This goes well with lots of the Multi Culti stuff, IMO.

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Convenanza 2019. IIRC Paulor was first track of his final set. Sounded anazing.

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Indeed it was :smiley:

Exactly. Love that Superpitcher remix, up there with his remix of Talaboman which is to my ears a modern classic.

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do you reckon they will do it again.? would feel a bit weird I think. additionally, there was a lot of chaos at the last one, toilets, tokens and stuff and Bernie got a bit defensive about it all. at the same time though, it really is a pilgrimage/reunion for a lot of people or nice weekend away - the way alfos has evolved into a tight community, and i guess people have tix carried over anyway? I snoozed there so I doubt I could go

whereas probably am returning to NOUS near Biarritz again though in Sept (which is very Convenanza flavoured, also in a castle!). was proper ace last summer, albeit a bit heavy on the dark synth side. really friendly vibe, camping cheap as chips. mostly Fr/Sp crowd, well worth getting there before it blows up.

love Superpitcher! always fresh, with new ideas. esp liked the golden ravedays EP a few years back

Not sure, tbh. If they do it will probably have to be with greatly reduced numbers. Yes, was pretty chaotic last time and the queue for the loos was an absolute joke. That said, it’s as much about the social all weekend for us - good company and some great restaurants - Le Jardin en Ville is always a highlight

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Other records that to me fall into this category to get the old synapses going for you lot:

Dea - Mahfudzot - I:Cube remix
Phillipi - vibe de verao
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Never Moving
Future Beat Alliance - Personnal Data
The Force Dimension - 200 FA

Oh Christ, I’m going through another Weatherall/ALFOS phase aren’t I?


Weren’t there something like 12 of them?

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Follow me for more: https://bandcamp.com/popularelectronics

I was going to say, just look at Sean’s playlists for ALFOS :smiley:

I just looked on Spotify and there is just the one. Are there others I can peruse?

A Love From Outer Space group on Facefuck.

Sean Johnston puts up tracklists of his EBS mixes all the time.

aaaah ok. Don’t have Facebook and that isn’t tempting enough to get back involved with it.

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Here’s the latest one

1 EBS Test
2 Bill Withers - Who Is He & What Is He To You (Leftside Wobble Edit) (MASTER)
3 FBR073.02_Kincaid_Voices_From_The_Year_3000_MASTER01
4 David Harks - Twice (Rheinzand Remix)
5 Get It Together The Oddness
6 ALFOS Secret Library Exhibit A
7 Slow Parade Master Roe Deers
8 little or less - Duncan Gray Demo
9 Song For Udmurtia Antenna
10 Stones and Steel (Feat. Findlay Brown) Kenneth Bager
11 Outro Woodleigh Research Facility
12 My Heart Is A Microchip Agents Of Time
13 Rheinzand synti 100
14 Sarsen Trail Natural Sugars
15 Sacrificio (Original Mix) DKMD
16 Dickie Biscuits (mix3 2020) - Duncan Gray Demo
17 Already There (Niv Ast Remix) Local Suicide Feat. Nicki Fehr
18 Angel Eyes Pete Bones
19 Martin Eve - Night Train (feat. Jon Fugler) - Jack Butters Remix
20 Rheinzand prerdator
21 Andrew Weatherall - Walk Of Shame (Hardway Bros Inglorious March Of Shame) Cd-r
22 sync m ig ruff - Matty Skylab & Chris Rotter Demo
23 A Billion Stars (Kenneth Bager Edit) Darren Eboli
25 Italomega Master Roe Deers
26 ALFOS Secret Library Exhibit B
27 ALFOS Secret Library Exhibit C
28 Outer Limits (Part I) Am$trad Billionaire
29 Welcome To The Zoo Master Roe Deers
30 David Harks - Twice (NTEIBINT Dub)
31 Late Night Symphony (A Tribute to Andrew Weatherall) Kenneth Bager & Reinhard Vanbergen
32 ALFOS Secret Library Exhibit D
33 04 Tobakk (Rune Lindbæk’s LFO’ed Miks) Kango’s Stein Massiv
34 Outta Limits (Shelter Mix) Mission Control
35 Voodoo - Original Mix Superpitcher
36 Love On A Real Train - Williams Odyssey Mix Williams
38 Marius Circus - I Feel Space (Andrew Weatherall Unreleased Dub)_mastered
39 Simion, MD X-Spress - God Made Me Feel It (Claptone Edit)
40 These Days (Don’t Make Me Wait) (Original Mix) Llewellyn
41 Serenade (Original Mix) Tom Demac
42 Comes Home (Pional Remix) - Pale Blue
43 Love On The Rocks - Lama
44 Burning Down the Club (feat Alf Champion) Niv Ast & Eliezer
45 Moving 909s (Original mix) John Tejada
46 Renegade Sunset - Love Has The Energy (Etbonz Version)
47 Losing Control - Carl Craig Remix DBX
48 Phylyps Track 2 Basic Channel
49 Loop - Original Mix F.U.S.E., LFO
50 Love Machine (Im:Takt Remix) Supermax
51 For Your Love (Original Mix) Paolo Faz
52 Night Moves (Night Moves Mix) Rickster
53 Work It To The Bone (DJ T. Edit) LNR
54 Hold Me Back (Original Mix) Westbam
55 Warehouse Days feat. Fi B Haven (Original Mix) Kikumoto Allstars
56 You Gotta Believe Acapella (Acapella DJ Tool) Fierce Ruling Diva, Koen Groeneveld
57 Shooting Love - Fat Club mix Mustang
58 Talisman (Original Mix) Wielki
59 Oh Captain! Niv Ast & Jilleto
60 Another Station - Todd Terje Remix Lindstrom
61 Betaville (Original Mix) A Jokers Bizarre
62 No More - A Mountain Of Rimowa - forthcoming on Le Temps Perdue

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You’re a true gent.

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This should keep you going for a while……


You, too, are a gent and this has confirmed that I am indeed in an ALFOS hole.