Well do ya, punk?

I’m hazarding a guess and assuming that many here grew up with, or lived in the shadow of punk.
Let’s hear your fave gob caked missives.

Here’s a few to get things started


Too young to have been around during the original punk scene but love a lot of the music & bands.

This is one of my favourite ever records.


Was a tad young Myself, always enjoyed the energy mind Ya


Mature alternative to Green Day / Offspring


Some old faves:

And some psychedelic proto-punk:


Not Punk Punk

Paul was my guitar teacher way before I found out about the Au Pairs; just said he was in some band…

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Love this thread.

I grew up in Washington DC during the 90:s with a soundtrack made up of hardcore, gogo, Mo Wax and from 97 what ever liquid sky put out.

So many hits to choose from, but from the top of my head:

My dad was a punk, so I was fortunate enough to end up with a load of his records, not many of them in the best condition mind you. Here’s a few favourites from that collection.

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I was born in the 90s so obviously wasn’t around… but I did grow up listening to pretty much exclusively punk and hardcore.

First : An obvious one but probably one of the best to ever do it

This one rips like no other. Reminds me of many of the bands in hamilton coming out of the late 2000s

I think this may have been one of the first punk bands I saw live. Still one of my favourites to this day

bless you all

Much to my parents distress I started buying punk when I was 12. I always had a soft spot for Peter and the Test Tube Babies and The Dead Kennedys and these are a couple of my faves…

Incredible track, the call & response guitars, inspired by Miles Davis & Charlie Parker apparently, are fantastic.
Love it when the drums come back in towards the end.

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I like this from them too, not sure I would call it punk though. Proto punk maybe?

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Yep i know what you mean, they’re definitely more musically advanced than most ‘punk’ bands, Sham 69 they ain’t.
They’re seen as punk by some because they came out of that mid 70s CBGB, Max’s Kansas City NY scene.
With a lot of the better bands from that era the attitude is punk rather than the sound imo.

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Yep, like The Stranglers. Not fully punk in sound but the attitude is there.


I was a clueless 11 year old in '77. By '82 I had gone through The Dickies, SLF, ATV, X Ray-Spex, The Damned and, of course, The Clash who, for me, changed everything especially with Combat Rock and this in particular

that was a turning point, via Mikey Dread, into the world of dub.

Similarly, Magazine - The Correct Use of Soap led me to Sly via this

Having an older brother who took up half our shared bedroom with a talc covered sheet of hardboard practicing and teaching dropbacks, russian spins, shuffles and struts playing all the Wigan classics on a stacked Fidelity UA10, meant we had some battles, especially when he heard this

but, the Cabs led me to Sheffield, and this

and we danced, together, punk soul brothers


Does anything on the incredible Ze Records fit the bill?