Wedding Playlist Suggestions

Hi all,

Hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been tasked with making a wedding playlist for a friend and wanted to get some suggestions from you guys as to some classics/bangers.

The brief is worldwide music and the playlist will be on during the daytime before DJ’s in the evening. I’ve got a good catalogue of my own music I can draw from but any suggestions of tracks/good playlists would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!


This was the first mix instead of first dance that my wife and I did at our wedding party. We tried to keep it cool but also recognisable to most in main so you should know most of the records. E79 was just for the two of us mind as we love that record. Let me know of any you don’t that you would like to know.

Dream Drums x Daughter of Elias Tie The Knot (Part One) by Dream Drums | Mixcloud

I did another hour or two later in the night as well so will dig out the playlist and let you know of anymore. It was painstaking deciding so would be nice if all those hours of hard work were useful to others as well. I also recorded a load of mixes for the weeks stay in the villa as well. That was no hardship ha.

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On the theme of weddings, shameless promotion here but my wife is a wedding celebrant in Ibiza so if you know of anybody who is planning to get married in Ibiza feel free to drop me a message for details. Trust me from experience good ones are hard to find hence why she is one herself now.


@dreamdrums Thanks so much for sharing!


I’ve DJed two weddings, one wanting a soul wedding and the other world music, I ended up playing all my cheesy if all else fails records at both!

Let this be your guide :slightly_smiling_face: