Was this Lexx edit ever released on vinyl...?

Simple question…
I recently re-discovered this on Youtube:

And I was sure that the reason I knew it so well was because I had it on an old edits 12 inch. But I’ve scoured the 'Cogs and can’t find it - could have sworn it was on his Mindless Boogie 12 but apparently not:

So can anyone point me in the direction of a vinyl release with this on, or was it in fact a digital only thing?

He said it was never on a 12 and he gave the file away on dj history. If you need it am sure I can ask for you.


Ah, that must be where I know it from then. So many great things came out of Dj History!
I’m playing a vinyl-only yacht/balearock set next week so the original will have to do…

Wait, did you just say ‘Balearock’? :joy::+1:


I wondered the same thing about the Luna Park (Kraan) edit he did on BIS years ago.

Edit: looking for a copy.

Did you ever see the two different Balearock mixes that came out of the Eskimo camp? Can’t remember exactly who at this moment. But both were quite good.


Indeed, it’s a thing.

I think this is the first time I came across the expression:


I hammered this mix when it was played on beats in space. Has that Lexx edit on there.


Lovely mix that. Thanks.

Great, thanks. I’ll give this a listen this eve.:+1:

Thanks a lot, just listened to mix one. I’ve a few of the tunes on there in one form or another. Right up my street. :+1: