Voodoo Ray—guy or beam?

I love the voodoo ray song. But I don’t understand the voodoo ray song. The question is this: does voodoo ray refer to “voodoo Ray,” possibly short for voodoo Raymond, a guy known for his love of/career in voodoo magicks (a corrupted Ebeneezer goode?), or does voodoo ray refer to a voodoo ray such as might be fired out the eyes of a top-hatted witch doctor to turn you into a zombie?

For our UK readers, the question is, is voodoo ray a “geezer” or is it a laser? A bloke or a beam?

The lyrics are no help, just a load of ooohs and ahhhaha yeahs. Please help this is driving me up the wall.

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Pretty sure the OG sample said ‘Voodoo Rage’ but was chopped short due to lack of space on their sampler.

It’s explained much better here


A pizza

Definitely about a bloke I know at work. He’s french, carrabean (the voodoo thing), goes by the name of Raymond (the Ray thing). He’s 57 so 24 in 1988 and you know what? We were born the same day, the same month and the same year except he’s black and I’m white.

And yeah he likes pizzas even if I doubt he had any vooday ray ones.

So the topic is over. Right?


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It’s very English in that it samples a Peter Cook / Dudley Moore comedy record, but also has to deal with crap technology so can’t quite fit it in


hardfloor mix was a beaut. prefer to the og


Ace. Cant believe I’ve never heard that before!