'Vinyl Me Please' vinyl subscription

Wonder if anybody on here is a subscriber? I signed up last summer and have picked up so many great records in the process - ‘Mr Hands’ by Herbie Hancock, ‘Dreams’ by Gabor Szabo, ‘MM…Food’ by MF Doom, ‘Africa Brasil’ by Jorge Ben and so many others. The pressings are generally wonderful, lots of top of the line AAA masterings, tip-on sleeves.

It has totally rekindled my love of vinyl records.

I know I sound like an infomercial but if you’re into vinyl, it’s well worth checking out.


no knock on discovering new jammys, and the curatorial appeal of the service. but there are plenty of little record shops and owners, discogs, etc that need our love.


Wonderful sounds subscriber here. Lovely folky Balearic 7s" .

The radio program is lovely on Sundays 12 -14 in Soho radio


Fair point. In my defence, around half of my salary has been going to my local record shop since lockdown arrived.

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