UK/Spain recommendations

Greetings fellow TP people.

I am returning to the UK(first time for over 10 years) for June and first week of July this year. I was hoping for some recommendations in the, going out or events department. I will be moving around between the UK, Lisbon and Seville and will be spending at least 2 weeks in the UK.

I have been looking at things online, but so far my schedule has me dodging most things that I would be interested in. As I haven’t been over for so long I’m proper out the loop.

Any help from you tasteful types would be greatly appreciated.

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Couple of Faith events in June if that’s your thing (will be like you never left, but everyone looking a bit more grizzled!). Boat party on June 10th I think.

Shame you can’t get here end of May. Seems to be quite a few good things on for the last May Bank holiday including a Lowlife party and one of @Apiento Deestra parties.

Must be more stuff on here in June, surely?

Thanks for that. Yeah I keep seeing things for May and July. I’ll have a look at the Faith things. I would have loved to check out Deestra, but bloody dates again.

There’s a few festivals in June. Not sure if anyone’s been to Wildwood Disco?

Personally will be spending June psyching myself up for a week at Glastonbury, spending a week at Glastonbury, recovering from a week at Glastonbury.

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